is proud to announce a partnership with the Forum d’Avignon. Right here on the website you can follow the debates on the live stream from 21 – 23 November.

The Forum d’Avignon aims at strengthening the links between culture and the economy, suggesting subjects for reflection at global, European and local levels. The Forum d’Avignon was created after the ratification of the UNESCO convention on cultural diversity, and since its beginning, has been backed by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. Each year the Forum organizes, with its partners, international meetings which provide opportunities for unique discussions and exchanges between actors from the worlds of culture, the creative industries, the economy and the media.

This year the theme of the Forum is “Culture and Power“:
“Nowadays, news reflects the mutations of cultural powers: the proposed establishment of a free trade zone between the United States and Europe; Google’s agreement with French press publishers, binding the former to payment of 60 million Euros; the increase in private funding of museums or concert halls… The budgetary deficits behind calls to cut cultural budgets in Europe, and – conversely – the increase of over 23% in spending on culture in China, investments of Middle East countries in culture as a source of growth to offset the anticipated depletion of Black Gold, or access to cultural content – boosted by digital technology – in Africa and India, do these bear witness to a upheaval of powers in cultural matters?

With 6.1% of world GDP for a turnover of $ 2,700 billion, 4% of the GDP of the European Union and 8 million direct jobs, can business and governments build the future without culture and creative industries? Citizens, creators, producers, distributors, or politicians – who holds cultural power? Is personal cultural data a new asset of power? Who is drawing up the new map of powers? Who truly benefits from culture? Six major debates, six studies and concrete proposals are to be the foundation for this sixth edition, to be held from Thursday 21 November to Saturday 23 November.

Read the Forum d’Avignon commissioned surveys on a wide variety of topics ranging from access to culture on digital devices to consumption of culture and the balance of power between publishers and distributors.

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