KAPSUL is a platform and tool for curatorial work. KAPSUL allows you to collect and arrange images, text, and video into distinct units, as a way of organizing your thoughts and making your concepts more clear and coherent. With an embedded art-relevant search engine (compare your results to unvarnished Googling to see the difference), KAPSUL provides two key curatorial tools: a means to search for relevant things, and then a way to collect, organize, and share them (or keep them to yourself!). We’ve used KAPSUL ourselves on shows we are working on to organize research and foster dialogue within curatorial teams.

In collaboration with KAPSUL, we’re launching the Musée Imaginaire concours. The contest invites you to develop your own ‘kapsul’ for online exhibition, and a chance at a $1000 US prize. A jury of internationally recognized curators is eager to see who will best utilize the platform to create innovative curatorial propositions. Honorary mentions will be made for crowd favorites.

Read more about the contest here.
Deadline for submissions is January 29 2013, and participation in contest is free.
Sign up and get started here: Kapsul.org

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