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Opportunity: Starting Point Fellowship, Hunterian

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Sunday, February 10. 2013 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

The application date for this opportunity has passed.

The Contemporary Art Society, with The Hunterian, Glasgow, are inviting proposals from Curating, Museum Studies, Art History and Fine Art graduates across the UK who have been out of full time postgraduate education for no longer than two years.

Starting Point, now in its third year, will offer one curator the opportunity to select a small cluster of works from the collection to be installed as part of The Hunterian’s public programme in December 2013. The fellowship will run for twelve months (April13 – April14) and will include the additional opportunity to programme one public event for the museum and gain experience working with University of Glasgow sharing their experience and research through the project.

Founded in 1807, The Hunterian is Scotland's oldest public museum and home to one of the largest collections outside the National Museums. Built on Dr William Hunter’s founding bequest, The Hunterian collections include scientific instruments used by James Watt, Joseph Lister and Lord Kelvin; outstanding Roman artefacts from the Antonine Wall; major natural and life sciences holdings; Hunter’s own extensive anatomical teaching collection; one of the world’s greatest numismatic collections; impressive ethnographic objects from Captain Cook’s Pacific voyages and a major art collection. The Hunterian is home to one of the most distinguished public art collections in Scotland including works by Rembrandt, Chardin, Stubbs with particular strengths in Whistler, Mackintosh and Scottish Art, especially the Glasgow Boys and Scottish Colourists.

We are keen to see proposals reflect the substantial and varied nature of the Hunterian’s collection, drawing on both contemporary and historic aspects, including artworks and artefacts. To find out more information about the collection click here. Applicants are selected on the basis of their first idea but we understand that the research period can have an impact on ‘first ideas’ so we are looking for potential and commitment.

The successful applicant will be supported by a modest budget covering travel costs, a publication and small fee.

Application Guidelines:
1. Applications should be no more than 500 words
2. Images should not exceed 2mb in total (images are not compulsory)
3. Application should be accompanied by a CV

Please note it is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure their application has been successfully received.

Application deadline: Friday 8th March 2013 (5pm)

For any further enquiries please email: robert -at-

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Special Report: Fellowship at CCA Glasgow

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Monday, October 8. 2012 • Category: Musings Fellowship at CCA Glasgow
Fellow: Emma Brasó

5 months in Glasgow

A bouncy Stonehenge, a Ping-Pong tournament in the gallery space, an artist's party at a cricket club, The State pub, Glasgow School of Arts MFA Degree Show, another Glaswegian Turner Prize nomination, a few bacon rolls, some difficulties with the local accent, and a lot of rain.

These few highlights from my residency experience in Glasgow, as the first Fellow at CCA Glasgow, partially encapsulate what I could also describe as a fun and enriching experience. The city's dimension and solid artistic community make it an ideal place for this type of temporary placement, and CCA is a lively hub where apart from having a healthy vegan lunch (which I did on a good number of occasions), one can engage in conversations and activities about the future of the Gaelic language, ever-changing policies in arts funding, archives and contemporary art, or the obscure relation between the film Bagdad Café and Sarnath Banerjee's graphic novels.

As with any residence, it's up to oneself to make the most out of it. Frequent meetings with CCA's Director, Francis McKee, helped me to gradually understand the city's art stories, the myth of "The Glasgow Miracle", and the reality of an enclave that has the highest concentration of artists in the country after London. I also value very positively the degree of freedom given to me during these months. That type of time and space are extremely precious when you are trying to evolve as a thinker and curator.

The coincidence of the Glasgow International Festival with the beginning of the Fellowship was very beneficial as a starting milestone for the journey. Other great stages included taking part in a series of critical conversations with this year's graduating MFA students, performing as mentor for a group of young curators as part of the Somewhere_to initiative, and specially finding generous artists such as Jamie Fitzpatrick, Rachal Bradley, Alasdair Wallace, Scott Rogers, Christine Jones, Marilou Lemmens, Richard Ibghy or Henry Coombes who welcomed me into their studios. The finishing line is still ahead though, as my research during the fellowship will materialize in an exhibition at CCA in which I will try to contribute my ideas to the understanding of how art relates to a particular space and time.

Emma Brasó
October, 2012

1) Sacrilege, Jeremy Deller, Glasgow International. Photo by Michelle Kasprzak
2) Ping pong tournament at CCA Glasgow, photo by Emma Brasó
3) MFA Degree show, photo by Emma Brasó
4) MFA Degree show, photo by Emma Brasó

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Job: Curator, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow

Posted by Sophia Zhou • Tuesday, July 24. 2012 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

The application date for this opportunity has passed.

Curator – Full time
Salary - £24,000

Founded in 1992, CCA is a unique contemporary arts organisation at the heart
of Glasgow’s city centre and vibrant cultural community, delivering a dynamic
artistic and educational programme for a diverse audience to access the arts.

A melting pot for artists to explore new ideas and move beyond the traditional
boundaries of their discipline, CCA is a hub for an eclectic network of cultural
organisations and individuals throughout Glasgow.

Following a re-structure of our programming team, we are looking to recruit a
Curator to lead and deliver our core exhibition programme which includes visual
art, performance, film and associated events.

Closing date for applications – Tuesday 7th August 2012 at 12 noon
Interviews – Tuesday 21st August 2012

For further information and an application pack, please visit www.cca-
For have any questions about the post, please email Louise: or call 0141 352 4900.

The Centre for Contemporary Arts is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

CCA is supported by Creative Scotland and Glasgow Life.

CCA is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status.
Registered Company No: SC140944
Registered Scottish Charity No: SC020734
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Pick 'N Mix #47

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Saturday, November 5. 2011 • Category: Pick 'N Mix

Fellowship update!
The deadline has passed, and we have numerous terrific applications for the inaugural Fellowship. We will announce the first Fellow in December.

We're at the mid-point of the online fundraising campaign and still have a way to go towards our goal. A show of support now from the community will make the difference in momentum that will spur others to contribute. If you have not already donated, please do so by clicking "Fuel this Project" here. Every little bit helps, and you get cool rewards too!

Spread the word about the campaign by sharing the link to the crowdfunding page on your Facebook Wall, sharing it on Google + and LinkedIn, and Tweeting about it. We've produced sample text for Facebook posts and Tweets below.
Please help us reach our fundraising goal!

Sample Tweet:
I support the inaugural Fellowship! Show your support for this new opportunity for curators at RocketHub:

Sample Facebook post:
Support this great idea! The Fellowship provides a career-changing opportunity for a curator to conduct research and produce an exhibition at the CCA in Glasgow. Contribute to their crowdfunding campaign to ensure this is a success

You can also add the above texts to Google +, and on LinkedIn.
Thanks for your support!

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Pick 'N Mix #46

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Friday, September 23. 2011 • Category: Pick 'N Mix

- In Manila, Catholic groups used intense pressure tactics to shut down an exhibition. The curator, J. Pacena III, says: "I am shocked and appalled by how our civil liberties were exploited to satiate the sensibilities of a raucous mob."

- From a report on the British Art Show by Amy Fung: "While their curatorial focus has been on selecting individual works of merit, history cannot be escaped, and motifs cannot be suppressed."

- "If they choose to work in India, young curators will need to use the opportunities provided by the private sector as there is, after all, no corresponding growth in state-run or public museums and galleries." From an interview by Natasha Ginwala with Geeta Kapur on the curatorial context in India.

- In Toronto, plans for a two-year, $420,000 contract for a curator who would choose artwork for a new public transport line have been cancelled. The argument was that the transport agency should "focus on getting the line built". Certainly, although planning how art will be integrated from the start is surely better than retrofitting it later.

- Just found this Feminism and Curating wiki. Looks like the start of a good resource.

- "Art is at a crossroads. It has exhausted its possibilities and needs to expand." - Zhang Ga, Curator of Translife exhibition at NAMOC, China

- Last but most definitely not least! You surely saw our announcement about the first Fellowship. Download the application form here, applications are due October 21! Also please consider supporting the financing of the Fellowship with a donation to our crowdfunding campaign. Looking forward to your generous demonstrations of support and your applications for the first Fellowship!

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Special Announcement: Fellowship

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Wednesday, September 21. 2011 • Category: Pick 'N Mix

Dear readers:
Just a couple days ago we have released information on an exciting new venture: the Fellowship.

The Fellowship is a paid opportunity for an individual to conduct curatorial research and produce an exhibition for the 2012 exhibition season at the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) Glasgow, a dynamic organisation in one of Europe's most culturally-vibrant cities. The Fellowship is funded partly by CCA, and partly by the community itself through a crowdfunding campaign.

There are very few opportunities to conduct curatorial research and work on curating an exhibition with minimal creative constraints, especially for emerging and mid-career curators. While there is plenty of unpaid work out there, there is a real need for quality career opportunities that are paid and that also offer a real result: your own curated exhibition. This need was the driving force in creating the Fellowship.

As a reader, you know that is the leading resource for curators of contemporary art on the web, providing information and editorial content to curators free of charge since its inception in 2006. Since 2006, I have never appealed directly to the readership for any funds, simply managing and improving the site as a labour of love. With this new project, I am finally appealing for donations -- though not to run the site itself! -- but to support this great opportunity for one of your colleagues (or, if you choose to apply and you succeed -- an opportunity for yourself!)

All the funds raised through our crowdfunding campaign will go directly to paying the Fellow a professional fee, and any funds in excess of our goal will go towards next year's Fellowship. The site we are using, RocketHub, is not an investment or charity, but just a fundraising platform where supporters can help us provide this Fellowship. Supporters will get rewards ranging from acknowledgement to art publications to mixtapes to stickers, and more, depending on the level of support.

I hope you will donate to this campaign, and I hope you will apply for this opportunity as well! The CCA is a fantastic institution with a long history in Glasgow. At its centrally-located premises on Sauchiehall Street, CCA has multiple gallery spaces, a cinema, cafe/restaurant, bar, meeting/lecture spaces, and bookshop. I partnered with the CCA for this Fellowship because it is an institution I know well and trust; also it is simply an interesting place in the heart of a wonderful city and led by a visionary director, Francis McKee.

Applications for the Fellowship will be accepted until October 21 2011. Get the application pack here:

Please spread the word, donate generously, and apply to be the first Fellow!

Many thanks,
Michelle Kasprzak
Founder and Editor-in-Chief,

Image: CCA Glasgow
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Opportunity: Fellowship

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Monday, September 19. 2011 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

The application date for this opportunity has passed. Fellowship is pleased to announce a new curatorial fellowship in collaboration with the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) in Glasgow. Commencing in 2012, the Fellowship is a paid opportunity for an individual to conduct curatorial research and produce an exhibition at the CCA.

In response to the need for paid hands-on experience in curating, Founder and Editor-in-Chief Michelle Kasprzak designed the Fellowship as a way to facilitate this essential experience. The inaugural Fellowship will take place in partnership with Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) Glasgow, a dynamic organisation in one of Europe’s most culturally-vibrant cities. The Fellowship is funded partly by CCA, and partly by the community itself through a crowdfunding campaign. Please donate to the campaign here:

The Fellow will work at the CCA in Glasgow, Scotland four days per week over the six month fellowship, working on a curatorial project or body of curatorial research. Fellows will be paid a flat fee of £8,000. Ideal candidates for the Fellowship are emerging or mid-career curators who can demonstrate passion and fresh thinking in curating and writing about contemporary art, and who have a vision for what the role of the curator means today.

The deadline for applications is October 21, 2011. Applicants will be notified November 15, 2011. Applications will be judged by Francis McKee, Director of the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow; Sally Tallant, Head of Programmes, Serpentine Gallery / incoming Artistic Director & CEO, Liverpool Biennial; and Michelle Kasprzak, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of

Interested in applying? Download further information and the application form here.

More info about CCA:

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Pick 'N Mix - February 2009

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Wednesday, January 21. 2009 • Category: Pick 'N Mix

Welcome to February's Pick 'N Mix: the credit crunch special!

- They say the financial trends that impact the art world are about six months behind larger global financial trends. Perhaps there's a grain of truth to that, given the doom and gloom in the headlines recently, including a 20% reduction in staff at the LA MoCA and the Rose Museum's (apparent) imminent closure.

- Significant job security worries aside for a moment, what could this mean for curators? Mark Spiegler, Art Basel co-director believes that "...with less money flowing around, gallerists may conclude that if there are no sure sales, they might as well do something interesting and significant. In the past, certain types of art were sure to sell, and if you took a risk, you were leaving money on the table." Glasgow-based curator Francis McKee concurs with this sentiment, explaining in this longer segment on BBC Scotland the largely positive impact that the last major recession had on the London and Glasgow art scenes: "the recession will actually help us in some ways".

- And of course, in these tough financial times, it's never a bad idea for the state to intervene: In France, Nicolas Sarkozy has canceled a cut to culture funding and he instead increased the budget by €100 million, established a new cultural council, and implemented a policy enabling free entrance to museums for visitors under twenty-five years of age. Bravo!

- Last but not least, while we may have to stretch budgets a bit further for practical things, Ben Davis argues we should not allow ourselves to enter an intellectual recession as he discusses a current crisis in art criticism: "For if a neoliberal boom has been the context for the "crisis of criticism" debate heretofore, the current, stomach-turning collapse represents the implosion of that economic model. [...] Mainstream ideas about what makes sense for society are in flux. Shouldn’t criticism be too?"
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