Welcome to November’s Pick ‘N Mix.
– First off, a roundup of relevant Facebook pages that have come to my attention. I know a fine few folk who have issues with Facebook and are not members of the service, but I do have to say for the record that I think it is one of many great web 2.0 tools to network and stay informed about what’s happening culturally. More and more organisations are using Facebook to either make exclusive offers or communicate messages to their Facebook fans first. One of the many reasons for this is that I think organisations and groups appreciate the way that Facebook allows them to see more and know more about who is interested in their activity. Each person who is a “fan” of yours on Facebook is a real live person that validates what you are doing and is following your message. You can’t say the same for the list of IP addresses in your organisation’s website statistics log. Anyways, here are a few that caught my eye:
Blood (Contemporary Art Society) (New on Facebook)
MoMA (Exclusive offers for Facebook fans)
Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum (Lots of helpful links)
Walker Art Center (Lots of photos and video)
…and of course, Curating.info!

Add more suggestions of Facebook pages and groups in the comments!

– …and now for a charming anecdote. I was at a wonderful event during the Frieze Art Fair in London. Organised by the Contemporary Art Society and Castlefield Gallery, the event was a sort of artist-collector-curator “speed dating”, that also featured the work of artist Feng-Ru Lee, who was busy making dumplings to share with the crowd (and putting Castlefield Gallery Director Kwong Lee to work in their makeshift kitchen, too!). It was a great use of the “speed dating” principle applied to the cultural realm, and these quick and focused introductions felt very apropos after whizzing through the hustle and bustle of the art fairs. One of the people I met that night, Lotte Juul Petersen, told me that she is the new Artists and Programmes Curator at Wysing Arts, and in our conversation I discovered that she found out about the job here first, at Curating.info! To say that this little piece of information made my night would be an understatement. Congratulations on your new job, Lotte!

– I have to apologise for this month’s Pick ‘N Mix being a little light on content, but you’ll forgive me: This Friday an exhibition I’ve been working on launches in London, which means a lot of last-minute things (not to mention, the ink is barely dry on the curatorial essay…). For more information on the show, Schematic: New Media Art from Canada, please visit the project website (link corrected on 12/11/08! Apologies!) or the gallery’s website. As for more meaty content for this blog, once the Schematic exhibition is up and running I intend to finish off and post a book review and some podcast reviews, so stay tuned!

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