The Pew Center has published an excerpt from art historian Teresa Gleadowe’s lovely interview with the late Seth Siegelaub. Questions of Practice: Seth Siegelaub in Conversation with Teresa Gleadowe

– Two views on the art market:
Edward Winkleman’s rosy take on the collector: “A Collector of contemporary art is a participant in the dialog. A patron of the visual arts, who has the same obligations to the quality of our collective legacy as do artists, curators, critics, and dealers.”
Compare with Christian Viveros-Fauné’s Art’s Dirty, Big Secret: “the art market has turned into one big corrupt casino, a place where price fixing, market manipulation, bribery, forgery, theft, and money laundering have become as popular as risky mortgages were in 2007.”

-We’ll be keeping our eyes open for The Artist As Curator, a series of texts profiling artist-curated exhibitions.

– Jack Persekian has announced that the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit, to be completed in 2015, will have satellite locations in Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, the Gulf, and Israel.
See coverage from last year at The Art Newspaper, and the Jerusalem Post.

Wendy Earle’s polemic on technology in museums argues that “[t]he drive to ‘engage’ patrons with gadgets strips museums of their innate wonder.”

Who Sees What – An interview with curator Christopher Eamon. Interview by Zoltan Aprily

– And, a few lists to remember 2013 by:
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