– “…how do you accomplish diversity as well as coherence?” Art Radar Asia sits down for an interview with Doryun Chong, Chief Curator of Hong Kong’s M+ Museum.

– Check out the short videos by The Guardian in the series My Favourite Work, wherein curators and gallery directors introduce their favourite works and explain their personal significance.

– Listen to this lecture by Chus Martínez, Belated Aesthetics, Politics, and Animated Matter: Toward a Theory of Artistic Research, which addresses knowledge and the principle of skepticism.

Can an exhibition be a story? asks Fiona Romeo. A great read for those interested in narratives and how they play out in museums.

– Many of you have been following the story of Cornelius Gurlitt, the man who has been hiding a massive treasure trove of art masterworks of dubious provenance for over fifty years. The latest development is that the German authorities have decided not to retroactively extend the statue of limitations for this case.

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