Frieze’s Sam Thorne reviews three new books on curating: Pamela M. Lee’s Forgetting the Art World (MIT, 2012), Paul O’Neill’s The Culture of Curating and the Curating of Culture(s) (MIT, 2012) and Terry Smith’s Thinking Contemporary Curating (ICI, 2012).

The Natural History Museum of London’s director Michael Dixon on free admission policy and mixed-funding models in his keynote address at the 2012 European Museum Advisors Conference.

– “Can criticism be fostered in a way that makes it accessible to interested readers while allowing writers to make a living?”
The Incredible Shrinking Art Critic by Eleanor Heartney for the Brooklyn Rail.

– Also, Linda Nochlin lectures on ‘Art Criticism and its Enemies: Art Criticism and its Would-be Friends’ at The New School.

– and Jonathan Jones’ ‘Art criticism has become too fawning’: “So where’s our Robert Hughes?”

– Three new interviews have been published at 4Humanities with curators Ela Kagel, Pavel Sedlák, and’s own Michelle Kasprzak.

– Also, check out our latest edition of Conversations: Arriving at the Beginning: Interview with Cydney Payton by Lauren O’Connell.

– Only one week is left to apply for our Musée Imaginaire concours hosted by KAPSUL. Top prize of US$1000!

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