– Peter Schjeldahl on art criticism: “Can we speak sensibly about what we like about art?” ‘Of Ourselves and of Our Origins: Subjects of Art.’

– ‘Have you digitally interfaced with your art museum lately?’ asks Christopher Night, after a Pew Internet survey on US museum public-programming was released this week.

– Julia Halperin of Art+Auction: ‘As the Battle for the Online Art World Sharpens, How the Players Are Adapting.’ On the varied business models of the ‘net’s top art initiatives: Exhibition A, Art.sy, 1stdibs, Paddle8, 20×200, Artspace and VIP Art.

– There is a new association for curators in Quebec, Canada, soon to have a call for papers: ACAQ.

– This past October PAARC, Fillip, and ARCA organized the terrific Institutions by Artists conference, the entirety of which has been recorded and made available online. Highlights include presentations by Julia Bryan-Wilson, Jeff Derksen, Deirdre Logue, and both of the nightly Oxford-style debates.

– Three weeks are left in our Musée Imaginaire concours in collaboration with KAPSUL. Top prize of US$1000!

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