– This week we made the very exciting announcement of our Musée Imaginaire concours in collaboration with KAPSUL.

– ‘What’s (Really) Specific about New Media Art? Curating in the Information Age
Domenico Quaranta asks: “does new media art require a specific curatorial model?… Are we curating “new media” or curating “art”?”

– Roberta Smith on art fairs, strained galleries, and the “top-heavy spaceship” of high-art-commodity: ‘Art Fairs, Full of Bling if Not Fire

The Guardian’s Yasmin Khan: ‘Museums in the information age: survival of the most digital?

Gallerist NY: “Multiple-curator biennials are really having a moment! This year’s just-closed Gwangju Biennale had six artistic directors. Next year’s Whitney Biennial will have three. The upcoming Carnegie has three. And now the 2013 Texas Biennial will apparently have no fewer than 13”

– A highly entertaining research paper by Alix Rule and David Levine for Triple Canopy: ‘International Art English

Some Bests of 2012:
Best exhibitions:
Holland Cotter in New York,
Christopher Knight in LA ,
the Guardian’s writers in Britain and beyond,
also Chicago, Glasgow, Philadelphia,
and the best worldwide from ArtForum Slant and GalleristNY.

the Biggest Art Controversies,
5 Art Trends from Hyperallergic,
the 10 highest auction prices,
Frieze’s ‘cheerful’ picks of 2012’s best exhibitions, people and institutions,
and Art and Auction’s Power 100 list, with Art Fag City’s supplement: Auction Power Hair.

– We’re still taking applications for the curating.info internship! Apply before Jan 7, 2013.

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