– The Wall Street Journal’s Terry Teachout warns that recent trends in “cultural democratization” may come at the expense of curatorial expertise: ‘Kid Stuff at the Clark Art Institute

– ‘Curator: A Slippery Word – an interview with Darren Jones’ at Artslant Says Jones: “Flagrant corruption of the word ‘curate’ is a trend that shows no sign of slackening. This semantic sin is perpetrated in a misguided attempt to intellectualize or glamorize often prosaic activities or professions, while trying to bestow upon them the aspirational glow of cultural elevation.”

Recalls the 2008 essay from Curating.info’s own Michelle Kasprzak: ‘For What and For Whom?

– Hong Kong design curator Aric Chen on developing non-Western curatorial models at the new M+ museum.

– “At [Los Angeles] area art museums, the job of chief curator appears to be edging toward the endangered species list.”’Are curators a vanishing breed?‘ Christopher Knight, LA Times.

– Saatchi, Hickey, the super-rich and ‘A sad reflection on the art world‘ from Julian Stallabrass.

– Good find: an interview with curator Charles Esche by Jelena Vesic from 2005:
“I am absolutely certain that we have to conquer and change the existing contemporary art institutions rather than invent our own.”

– Finally, we’re expanding the Curating.info family! Apply for the curating.info internship before Jan 7, 2013.

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