– An allegation from James Cuno: “Scholars, curators and conservators of art are not exploiting the new technology to research differently.”
How art history is failing at the Internet

– Ben Davis on the “cringe-worthy statistics” of ethnic and cultural diversity in American museum-attendance. Diversify or Die: Why the Art World Needs to Keep Up With Our Changing Society.

Gallery in Your Pocket: An interview with Chiara Passa of Widget Art Gallery.

Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History director Nina Simon gives a bubbly presentation on public programming and ‘social objects’ in a TEDx talk: “Thoughout our country [USA] people are more culturally engaged than ever, but they are choosing to have those experiences outside of traditional cultural institutions.”

– Great paper from Karen Gaskill from last year’s ISEA:
Curatorial cultures: considering dynamic curatorial practice

– Love this find from Artinfo: Museum Visitors Meet Their Doubles: “This week a man visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art and a woman at the Metropolitan Museum both came across uncanny likenesses of themselves in the institutions’ collections”: Philly.com, BuzzFeed

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