– Claire Bishop recently wrote for Artforum about the divide between the contemporary art world and the media art world (and how it is perpetuated by many figures, including curators) which kicked off several comments and healthy discussions elsewhere.

– Fifteen emerging curators have been nominated for ICI’s Independent Vision Curatorial Award. See their profiles and images from their exhibitions.

– Recently in Wired Magazine: “Curatorial Competence: How The Internet is Changing The Way Fine Art is Bought and Sold

– Terry Smith’s new curatorial text “Thinking Contemporary Curating” profiled on e-flux.

– Curator Dina Deitsch recommends straying from art literature for an interview in the Boston Globe: “About a year ago I realized I needed a heavy dose of fiction in my life to make my art reading matter.”

– Walker Art Center’s LOLcat video festival comes to a close, Megan Garber at The Atlantic reveals why the show might have happened in the first place.

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