– “I see the role of a curator as someone who produces and organizes knowledge through exhibitions […] Projects that I usually initiate are very much reflections on current conditions and changes in our society seen through the visual art field.” says curator Biljana Ciric in “Making the art of curating look easy“.

– “Encourage false constructs and arranged marriages“, one of several interesting lines from curator Jenelle Porter’s manifesto.

– The Toronto curatorial collective Laid Bare speaks about curating and gives some advice to artists on the Knock Twice blog.

– Also from Toronto, Jim Drobnick (OCAD University) and Jennifer Fisher (York University) are the editors of the new Journal of Curatorial Studies. The journal’s contents are available for free download.

– Two relevant videos from the Whitney Biennial: In 2012 Biennial: Curating the 1993 Biennial Whitney Biennial 2012 curator Elisabeth Sussman discusses the experience of curating the 1993 Whitney Biennial. In Curating Performance curators Elisabeth Sussman and Jay Sanders discuss the live performance work featured in the Biennial.

– Also on the topic of live performance, “This Is Part of the Evolution of Performance” describes the approach Curator Catherine Wood takes with Tate’s Web Platform for Live Art. “The development of technology has transformed people’s approach to art,” said Tate director Chris Dercon. “Audiences today expect more interaction, participation, and personalization than ever before. BMW Tate Live will answer this need.”

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