studio das weisse haus and departure, the Creative Agency of the City of Vienna, are offering a residency for international curators and theorists entitled “departure studio 2014: Interdisciplinary Vienna”.

The residency is going to take place from May 5 until June 30, 2014.

////////// Application deadline: February 28, 2014 (per e-mail to studios -at-
The results of the open call will be announced until the end of March, 2014.

////////// About the Residency
Due to the general interest of both institutions involved in the residency program of departure studio 2014, as well as to the cultural context of the City of Vienna, the residency specification is defined by the notion of interdisciplinarity.
The question of creative openness between different disciplines is as regards the remarkable past of Vienna in the field of applied arts more then legitimate. Since the reciprocal influence between fine and applied arts in Vienna was and still is significant and multi-layered, and the general range of contemporary art practices related to other fields of human activities is enormous, the framework of departure studio 2014 is characterized by the seeking of potential cross-disciplinary creative approaches.

On one hand, our interest concerns the interdisciplinary practices linking the fields of fine arts with architecture, design, fashion, media and music. On the other hand, we focus on creative practice interconnecting arts, society and science.

////////// We kindly ask the candidates to submit their residency projects reflecting one of these theoretical issues:

1. interdisciplinary creative practice based on the connection of fine arts and architecture, design, fashion, media or music, or on reflection of the artefacts of pop culture

2. interdisciplinary creative practice based on the connection of art and science or social affairs, eventually using science as an initial stage of art production, visualizing science or taking “artistic research” as one of the possible methodologies

departure studio 2014 is open to aesthetic space and time explorations, as well as to the creation of experimental environments for social issues.
The approaches considering the concepts of synthesis of arts and intermediality are more than welcome.
The submitted project should take account of the situation, character, advantages and potential of the City of Vienna in connection to the specified topics.

////////// For more information on the residency and the application process, please visit:

////////// For more information on studio das weisse haus, please visit
////////// For more information on departure, the Creative Agency of the City of Vienna, please visit

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