The Clinton Hill / Allen Tran Foundation offers support to the critical early stages of exhibition planning in American museums.

Three grants of $5,000 each will be offered to curators contemplating exhibitions which include work by artists born between 1920 and 1960. Funds would be dedicated to travel, research materials (books; photographs; software, etc.) and other essential elements not typically budgeted by museums until an exhibition proposal is finally presented and officially approved.

The Foundation is not offering subvention of a curator’s basic salary.

Reflecting the life and interests of Clinton Hill, strong preference will be given to exhibition proposals involving painting, sculpture and works on paper, especially those featuring paper as a primary medium.

The contemplated exhibition may not be one already scheduled by the home institution. It must have a projected opening within the next four years.

Applications Must be Postmarked on or Before: September 1, 2011

For more information, including full application guidelines, please visit the Clinton Hill / Allen Tran Foundation website.

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