Vessel launches two curatorial opportunities for a series of Curatorial Residencies and vessel’s International Curatorial Workshop. The three-week Residency Program for curators will give the opportunity to investigate social practices. Specifically, curators will interact with artists, other curators and cultural operators based in the Apulia Region and exploring process-driven, multidisciplinary-focused methodology. The curators who will be selceted for the Residency […]

Vessel International Curatorial Workshop 28–30 May 2011 Via Guido De Ruggiero 6 70125 Bari, Italy A three day workshop about cultural topology, the dynamism of forms and surfaces in relation to the transitory nature of reality, applicable to Eastern/Western Europe and the Mediterranean area. Emphasis will also be placed on the evolution of curating as a profession and its […]

OPEN CALL SYNAPSE – The International Curators’ Network at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin) in the framework of the Asia-Pacific Weeks 2011 (September 6–17) Duration: September 7–10, 2011, with a public keynote speech by Peter Weibel on September 6, 2011 HAUS DER KULTUREN DER WELT invites up-and-coming curators to apply for SYNAPSE – The International Curators’ Network at […]

First call for applications Curatorial workshop: Towards Curating as a Critical Practice April 27th – 28th, 2011 Novi Sad, Serbia We are pleased to launch an open call for applications for a curatorial workshop targeted at individuals who have started a career in contemporary art as curators, writers or critics. This workshop will be part of the 10 years of […]

“What Do Curators Want?” was the name of an event held recently at Side Street Projects (an art centre in Pasadena, California, USA) featuring Caryn Coleman, editor of and owner of sixspace. The promotional blurb stated: If you go about this the wrong way, you can kill your career before it even happens. So, how do you approach curators […]