Apologies for a late Pick ‘N Mix this month… but I had a great excuse. Like many others in the art world, the beginning of June involved being completely absorbed in the Venice Biennale. You can check out my photos from Venice here. – While we’re on the topic of Venice, the Wall Street Journal posted a short interview with […]

Building on the achievements of the Wales exhibitions at the last three Biennales of Art in Venice, the Arts Council of Wales is now appointing to the following posts to work on the 2009 Biennale. It also has vacancies on its Wales at Venice Advisory Committee. Fixed term freelance contract, fee £24,000 per annum, commencing July 2008, in Cardiff. Duties: […]

Northern Ireland is preparing for its third presentation at the Venice Biennale of Visual Arts in 2009. The Venice Biennale Working Party, comprising the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and British Council Northern Ireland, is now seeking to appoint a curator, curatorial partnership or organisation to research, develop and deliver Northern Ireland’s presence. The curator(s) should have an excellent knowledge […]

When a curator simply chooses an artist, that isn’t news. (Just as a dog biting a man would not be news, either.) But when a man bites a dog, or an artist chooses a curator, we’ve got more of a story. (Background on the journalistic expression “Man bites dog“). I’m using “Man bites dog” in jest, of course, but it […]