The Clinton Hill / Allen Tran Foundation offers support to the critical early stages of exhibition planning in American museums. Three grants of $5,000 each will be offered to curators contemplating exhibitions which include work by artists born between 1920 and 1960. Funds would be dedicated to travel, research materials (books; photographs; software, etc.) and other essential elements not typically […]

ADMISSION Research Program runs from the beginning of September to the end of March. There is a place for 5 – 10 participants of artists, and for a few other of curatorial study. CONDITION FOR THE ADMISSION ARTIST – Artist in his/her 20’s – 30’s. Fluent in English or Japanese (preferably both languages) CURATORIAL STUDY – Person who is in […]

Welcome to the last Pick ‘N Mix of 2009! – Here is yet another art world power list, listing several curators, many of whom are “household names” of a sort (Birnbaum, Bonami, Obrist, etc). We’re a society obsessed with lists and awards it seems! – Andy Warhol was all over the news this past month, and one of the major […]

Swiss researcher and consultant Lisa Ladner approached me to assist in the distribution of this fascinating survey for curators. She has been working as a cultural producer and independent curator in Puerto Rico, and with her international experience she found interesting discrepancies in how institutions around the globe work to support curators. She would like you, as a curator, to […]

The Research Fellowships Program of the National Gallery of Canada encourages and supports advanced research. The fellowships emphasize the use and investigation of the collections of the National Gallery of Canada, including those of the Gallery’s Library and Archives. 2009/2010 competitive fellowships are offered in the field of Canadian Art (including the Indigenous Art of Canada); European and Modern Art; […]

The Lemelson Center offers two different ways for researchers to receive financial support while using the invention-related collections at the Smithsonian. The Fellowship Program provides a prorated stipend for up to ten weeks and is currently accepting applications until the January 15, 2009 deadline. The Travel to Collections Award offers researchers a travel allowance and a stipend for up to […]