– Issue 16 of web-journal On-Curating is out: Precarious Labour in the Field of Art. – Hyperallergic has brought to light a study that finds American non-profits „suck at fundraising.“ – Another report mentioned in the post’s comments: 3 Factors Impacting Nonprofit Fundraising Confidence. – An amusing article from the Independent: Why it’s time for galleries to dump the jargon. […]

– Frieze’s Sam Thorne reviews three new books on curating: Pamela M. Lee’s Forgetting the Art World (MIT, 2012), Paul O’Neill’s The Culture of Curating and the Curating of Culture(s) (MIT, 2012) and Terry Smith’s Thinking Contemporary Curating (ICI, 2012). – The Natural History Museum of London’s director Michael Dixon on free admission policy and mixed-funding models in his keynote […]

– Peter Schjeldahl on art criticism: “Can we speak sensibly about what we like about art?” ‘Of Ourselves and of Our Origins: Subjects of Art.’ – ‘Have you digitally interfaced with your art museum lately?’ asks Christopher Night, after a Pew Internet survey on US museum public-programming was released this week. – Julia Halperin of Art+Auction: ‘As the Battle for […]

– An allegation from James Cuno: “Scholars, curators and conservators of art are not exploiting the new technology to research differently.” How art history is failing at the Internet – Ben Davis on the “cringe-worthy statistics” of ethnic and cultural diversity in American museum-attendance. Diversify or Die: Why the Art World Needs to Keep Up With Our Changing Society. – […]