Forum d’Avignon — live stream of the “Culture and Power” debates: Forum d’Avignon Live EN par forumavignon Download the Forum d’Avignon 2013: Culture and Power programme. is proud to announce a partnership with the Forum d’Avignon. Right here on the website you can follow the debates on the live stream from 21 – 23 November. The Forum d’Avignon […]

– David Barrie recently gave a thought-provoking lecture entitled “A Bigger Picture: why contemporary art curators need to get out more“. He describes why a heritage-oriented mindset can result in constrained collections, noting that: “Despite our long colonial history and our rich links with countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean […] visitors to museums and galleries in the UK […]

Freelance curators enjoy a degree of flexibility in their work, but are often also in precarious positions when working with large organisations. A clear example of the difficulties faced by curators working in a freelance capacity emerged last week when the Koffler Centre of the Arts in Toronto issued a statement saying they were “disassociating” from artist Reena Katz, that […]