’s Sofia Landström interviews Antonella Croci and Federico Florian – winners of the Musée Imaginaire Concours, hosted by and KAPSUL. To create the e-book, we used the Bookleteer platform, which was developed by artist-led studio and think tank Proboscis. To enjoy your copy of this e-book, simply choose either the Letter or A4 formatted version in the download links below. […]

– Peter Schjeldahl on art criticism: “Can we speak sensibly about what we like about art?” ‘Of Ourselves and of Our Origins: Subjects of Art.’ – ‘Have you digitally interfaced with your art museum lately?’ asks Christopher Night, after a Pew Internet survey on US museum public-programming was released this week. – Julia Halperin of Art+Auction: ‘As the Battle for […]

KAPSUL is a platform and tool for curatorial work. KAPSUL allows you to collect and arrange images, text, and video into distinct units, as a way of organizing your thoughts and making your concepts more clear and coherent. With an embedded art-relevant search engine (compare your results to unvarnished Googling to see the difference), KAPSUL provides two key curatorial tools: […]

– Guggenheim staff talk about sifting through 23,000 project entries for the YouTube Play project. “…first objective, and probably the most important for our curators was the concept of moving the art form forward. Our curators were really excited to examine this platform in the moment.” – “…beyond the commercial success and proposed museum hub there is a still a […]

Welcome to the latest edition of Pick ‘N Mix. – It’s not easy to put together a show,” says Manish Pushkale. “Being an artist I understand the limitations of other artists and the discussions could extend to techniques as well. An artist-curator has that advantage, even though they might not have studied curating.” – Holland Cotter: “The subject of what […]