– Marat Guelman, head of the controversial PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art, has been sacked. Russian Art Curator Fired Over Satirical Olympics Exhibits. Also covered by NBC News. – Chicagoan cultural producer Laura Shaeffer gives some insights into her community-building initiatives from the past decade for Bad At Sports. – Australian curator Julie Ewington interviewed for ABC Arts. – American […]

Beryl Graham and Sarah Cook. Rethinking Curating: Art After New Media. Cambridge, MA, London, England: The MIT Press, 2010. by Katerina Gkoutziouli “Rethinking Curating. Art After New Media” by Beryl Graham and Sarah Cook has been a much-awaited book for those working in the field of new media and curating. In 2000, the authors launched CRUMB [Curatorial Resource for Upstart […]

– Issue 16 of web-journal On-Curating is out: Precarious Labour in the Field of Art. – Hyperallergic has brought to light a study that finds American non-profits „suck at fundraising.“ – Another report mentioned in the post’s comments: 3 Factors Impacting Nonprofit Fundraising Confidence. – An amusing article from the Independent: Why it’s time for galleries to dump the jargon. […]

– This week we made the very exciting announcement of our Musée Imaginaire concours in collaboration with KAPSUL. – ‘What’s (Really) Specific about New Media Art? Curating in the Information Age‘ Domenico Quaranta asks: “does new media art require a specific curatorial model?… Are we curating “new media” or curating “art”?” – Roberta Smith on art fairs, strained galleries, and […]

Despite the fact that new media art might be still treated as a new and recent phenomenon of art practice, the story of new media can be traced back as early as the sixties. Artists such as John Cage, Allan Kaprow, Roy Ascott, E.A.T. have been preoccupied with themes including interaction, multimedia, electronics, kineticism, cybernetics and technology, and so have […]

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A rare opportunity for a funded PhD studentship with CRUMB. Previous applicants are very welcome to apply. Full details, see: http://nuweb.northumbria.ac.uk/nebgp/curating.html AHRC Postgraduate Studentship Opportunities Northumbria and Sunderland Universities operate a collaborative AHRC Block Grant Partnership to support quality research and professional training in the Arts & Humanities. Studentships are available for uptake from September/October 2011 including: Doctoral Studentship, D4 […]

– Paul Lang is the newly-appointed curator at the National Gallery of Canada. At the job interview, he was asked by National Gallery Director Marc Mayer: “Were I to hire you for this job, who do you work for?” Lang replied: “I work for the public and so do you.” – “…it [curating] seemed to suit my personality better than […]

New Media in the White Cube and Beyond: Curatorial Models for Digital Art is a collection of essays edited by Christiane Paul (curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art), addressing several topics of concern to new media art curators. The twelve essays cover the full range of territory that curators will encounter, from understanding how artists use the medium […]

Thanks to everyone who was able to assist the Netherlands Media Art Institute by responding to their survey targeted at curators, which I posted here. The NIMk received 172 responses, and have collated the results into a report that you can download in PDF format at the Culture Vortex website. I encourage you to browse the whole report, but thought […]