– This week we made the very exciting announcement of our Musée Imaginaire concours in collaboration with KAPSUL. – ‘What’s (Really) Specific about New Media Art? Curating in the Information Age‘ Domenico Quaranta asks: “does new media art require a specific curatorial model?… Are we curating “new media” or curating “art”?” – Roberta Smith on art fairs, strained galleries, and […]

– Following the controversy after David Wojnarowicz’s work was removed from an exhibition organised by the Smithsonian, and AA Bronson tried to remove his work from the same show in protest, Maura Judkis traces an instance where Wojnarowicz himself tried to remove a work from an exhibition. The case is fascinating and presents counterpoints from the curator’s point of view. […]

Welcome to another edition of Pick ‘N Mix, my collections of links and news relevant to curators. – “A New Spin: Are DJs, rappers, and bloggers ‘curators’?” by N. Elizabeth Schlatter was published in the latest issue of the American Association of Museums magazine. It’s so incredibly useful to have an article written on this subject by a curator (Schlatter […]

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Welcome to the last Pick ‘N Mix of 2009! – Here is yet another art world power list, listing several curators, many of whom are “household names” of a sort (Birnbaum, Bonami, Obrist, etc). We’re a society obsessed with lists and awards it seems! – Andy Warhol was all over the news this past month, and one of the major […]

Welcome to this month’s Pick ‘N Mix. – “Everyone’s a Curator” is the theme of a recent item over at Bad at Sports. As they say: “Even Umberto Eco. I love what the Louvre is doing by signing him on as guest curator (as they have previously done with writer Toni Morrison and composer Pierre Boulez)”. I’ve blogged about this […]

Happy new year! I hope your holiday was a good and restful one. I was so rested I nearly didn’t get this out in time… but here it is – the latest Pick ‘N Mix! “Top ten” and other summary lists were thick on the ground as 2007 closed out. A few of my favourites in the art realm are […]