We at Curating.info are delighted to announce that Emma Brasó, Curating.info Fellow at CCA Glasgow, is now launching the exhibition that she devised during her Fellowship there. Man of the Year Henry Coombes & Carles Congost Curated by Emma Brasó, Curating.info Fellow Opening: Fri 22 November 2013, 7pm – 9pm On view: Sat 23 November 2013 — Sun 26 January […]

Curating.info Fellowship at CCA Glasgow Fellow: Emma Brasó 5 months in Glasgow A bouncy Stonehenge, a Ping-Pong tournament in the gallery space, an artist’s party at a cricket club, The State pub, Glasgow School of Arts MFA Degree Show, another Glaswegian Turner Prize nomination, a few bacon rolls, some difficulties with the local accent, and a lot of rain. These […]