– Visitor engagement, participation, ‘gamification’ and the experience economy. A polemic from The New York Times’ Judith H. Dobrzynski: High Culture Goes Hands-On. – Growing fury over the prevalence of unpaid internship positions in galleries and museums, from Museums Association. See also: organizations Internaware.org, Art But Fair, and Interns Anonymous, recent articles: Unpaid Interns Fight Back, Hyperallergic, The Manifesto for […]

Curating.info is seeking energetic and inspiring people to take part in creating content as well as co-conspiring on future directions the site may take. Curating.info is one of the web’s top destinations providing information and career support for curators of contemporary art. The site is respected and recognised, with excellent site statistics as well as thousands of fans on Facebook […]

To start off the new month (and I promise none of these will lead you to a silly April Fool’s joke) I thought I’d provide a little “pick ‘n mix” of what I’ve browsed lately that is of interest to curators: Hanne Mugaas and Cory Arcangel have compiled (curated!) a very interesting list of art videos on YouTube, as part […]

Dear readers, I hope everyone had a restorative and happy holidays. I’m still easing myself into the new year, and so will make the first entry for 2007 on this blog a lighthearted one. I propose getting back into (a certain sort) of curatorial headspace by downloading “Curator Defense“, a game by David Howe. (It appears to be for PC […]

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Seth Godin is a marketing guru who has published numerous books and has an excellent blog. I’m not a marketer nor a businessperson with a product to sell, but I read his blog anyways because I find the underlying psychology of marketing to be quite interesting. In the end, it’s all about how people relate to people, a topic that […]