– Where Scotland’s cultural leaders are raising the economic argument for arts funding, Tiffany Jenkins charges a “philistine approach that misses the value and point of culture.” – The Globe and Mail has published a great overview of idiosyncratic collector/curator Ydessa Hendeles, whose Art Foundation has closed after 25 years – Artist Nicholas O’Brien and Ian Aleksander Adams (among others) […]

– Issue 16 of web-journal On-Curating is out: Precarious Labour in the Field of Art. – Hyperallergic has brought to light a study that finds American non-profits „suck at fundraising.“ – Another report mentioned in the post’s comments: 3 Factors Impacting Nonprofit Fundraising Confidence. – An amusing article from the Independent: Why it’s time for galleries to dump the jargon. […]

In like a lion, out like a lamb… welcome to March’s Pick ‘N Mix, a real mixed bag of treats this month: – First of all, a postscript of sorts to last month’s Pick ‘N Mix, the “credit crunch edition”: You’ve all surely read it by now, but in case you haven’t, Holland Cotter’s article, “The Boom Is Over! Long […]

Welcome to February’s Pick ‘N Mix: the credit crunch special! – They say the financial trends that impact the art world are about six months behind larger global financial trends. Perhaps there’s a grain of truth to that, given the doom and gloom in the headlines recently, including a 20% reduction in staff at the LA MoCA and the Rose […]