– Le Monde profiles la génération montante of contemporary curators: Curateur, le plus jeune métier du monde (French). – The New York Times’ Melena Ryzik considers the Whitney’s resurrection of Douglas Davis’ ‘The World’s First Collaborative Sentence’ and museums’ approaches to collecting and preserving digital art: When Artworks Crash: Restorers Face Digital Test. – Blouin ArtInfo’s 10 Cutting-Edge Curators From […]

How can the stories and histories, the hidden gems and treasures contained within archives, museum, library and gallery collections inspire innovative uses of digital media? Do you have the skill and imagination to devise crossplatform or transmedia projects that can engage new audiences, making archives and collections accessible using IPTV, the web, mobile or other platforms? The Wellcome Trust and […]

The Lemelson Center offers two different ways for researchers to receive financial support while using the invention-related collections at the Smithsonian. The Fellowship Program provides a prorated stipend for up to ten weeks and is currently accepting applications until the January 15, 2009 deadline. The Travel to Collections Award offers researchers a travel allowance and a stipend for up to […]

Curator of Education + Collections Lewis Glucksman Gallery Job Description: The Lewis Glucksman Gallery is a cultural and educational institution that promotes the research, creation and exploration of the visual arts. Located at University College Cork, the Glucksman is a landmark building that includes display spaces, lecture facilities, a riverside restaurant and gallery shop. The Glucksman was named 2005 Best […]