– Germano Celant is re-staging Harald Szeemann’s seminal 1969 exhibition ‘Live in Your Head. When Attitudes Become Form’ for the Fondazione Prada in Venice. – [Jerry] Saltz on the Death of the Gallery Show: “There used to be shared story lines of contemporary art: the way artists developed, exchanged ideas, caromed off each other’s work, engaged with their critics. Now […]

– Frieze’s Sam Thorne reviews three new books on curating: Pamela M. Lee’s Forgetting the Art World (MIT, 2012), Paul O’Neill’s The Culture of Curating and the Curating of Culture(s) (MIT, 2012) and Terry Smith’s Thinking Contemporary Curating (ICI, 2012). – The Natural History Museum of London’s director Michael Dixon on free admission policy and mixed-funding models in his keynote […]

– Suhail Malik has solicited some intriguing feedback for his Survey on Gender Ratios in Curating Programs for CCS Bard. -The eccentric collector/curator Ydessa Hendeles is closing her space in Toronto. Coverage from the Globe and Mail. -From Greek Sculptures to Graffiti – Michael Bird’s ‘100 Ideas that Changed Art’ reviewed at the Atlantic. -Chen Tamir’s top five ‘Hit List’ […]

– An article on curating in China asks who gets to call themselves a curator, and the problems that arise when curators have no knowledge of art history and/or cannot perform as critics; when they are just workers performing bureaucracy “not unlike the security guard at a museum”. With comments by curator Hou Hanru, and others. – Keep in mind […]

What Makes A Great Exhibition? Edited by Paula Marincola, Director of the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative (PEI). Essays by Glenn Adamson, Paola Antonelli, Carlos Basualdo, Iwona Blazwick, Lynne Cooke, Thelma Golden, Mary Jane Jacob, Jeffrey Kipnis, Paula Marincola, Detlef Mertins, Mark Nash, Ralph Rugoff, Ingrid Schaffner and Robert Storr. Supposedly we don’t judge a book by its cover, and with this […]

– Paul Lang is the newly-appointed curator at the National Gallery of Canada. At the job interview, he was asked by National Gallery Director Marc Mayer: “Were I to hire you for this job, who do you work for?” Lang replied: “I work for the public and so do you.” – “…it [curating] seemed to suit my personality better than […]

Hans Ulrich Obrist, renowned art world figure who hangs out at the top of the ArtReview Power 100 (which is indicative of something, no matter what one thinks of that list) released a book of interviews with eleven pioneer curators entitled A Brief History of Curating. Despite his status as super-curator, whilst reading this book the larger-than-life personality named on […]

New Media in the White Cube and Beyond: Curatorial Models for Digital Art is a collection of essays edited by Christiane Paul (curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art), addressing several topics of concern to new media art curators. The twelve essays cover the full range of territory that curators will encounter, from understanding how artists use the medium […]

Welcome to the latest edition of Pick ‘N Mix. – It’s not easy to put together a show,” says Manish Pushkale. “Being an artist I understand the limitations of other artists and the discussions could extend to techniques as well. An artist-curator has that advantage, even though they might not have studied curating.” – Holland Cotter: “The subject of what […]