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Call for curators: Smack Mellon Emerging Curator Programme

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Saturday, October 6. 2007 • Category: Announcements
Smack Mellon, based in Brooklyn, NY, is accepting proposals from emerging curators for its emerging artists summer show. Smack Mellon’s mission is to nurture and support emerging, under-recognized mid-career and women artists in the creation and exhibition of new work by providing exhibition opportunities, studio workspace, and access to equipment and technical assistance for the realization of ambitious projects.

The Emerging Artists Summer Show will be curated by a selected Emerging Curator and will be made up of Emerging Artists. An Emerging Artist is considered to be an artist without commercial representation who has been working as an artist for less than 10 years and who may not have had previous opportunities to show at a gallery or non-profit space. An Emerging Curator is defined as an independent curator who is beginning their career as a curator.

Proposals are due at Smack Mellon on November 1st. After being chosen, the selected Emerging Curator will review submissions from Emerging Artists with the Smack Mellon staff. Curators will be expected to select some artists from these submissions for their show.

Curators don't have to propose a completed show but should submit the following by post to:
Smack Mellon
2 Plymouth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

1. Examples of past curated shows including images and press.
2. Curator's statement about these past exhibitions.
3. A curatorial statement with a description of the new proposed exhibition and an explanation of their idea.
4. Curator's resume.
5. In addition, curators can also include some images of the artists' work to be included in the exhibition. If new work will be created for the exhibition, send images of their past work.
6. SASE with sufficient postage for the return of materials. Do not send packages larger than 12" x 18". All packages should be sent by US Mail. Drop offs are welcome but pick ups are not so please include a SASE. Material sent without a SASE will not be returned. Curators will be notified by the beginning of February.

The Curator should read and be aware of Smack Mellon’s mission. Exhibitions must include at least 60% women artists. Smack Mellon provides curators and artists a small stipend and sends out show cards and press releases to its mailing list. The curator is encouraged to stop by the gallery during gallery hours to look at the space in order to tailor their proposal to it.

The Curator should realize that we expect a hands-on approach at the gallery. The Curator is expected to be in NYC to make arrangements with the artists prior to the installation week. The Curator is expected to be at the gallery throughout the full week of installation and the Curator and artists involved in the exhibition are responsible for the execution and installation of the artwork. The Curator should clarify to all artists when invited to participate that they are responsible for delivering their work to the gallery, installing and de-installing their work. Smack Mellon does not have a full time staff of preparators. Smack Mellon can assist in installation of work requiring a lift or special mounting. Our gallery staff may also assist artists with installation of other complicated projects but will not be involved in helping the artist to build their work on site. Our technical staff will install all of the equipment (projectors, monitors etc.) belonging to Smack Mellon. It will be the artist's responsibility to install and maintain any equipment that belongs to the artist.

Specifics about the installation of artwork and about the equipment that Smack Mellon is able to provide will be discussed after the initial proposal has been reviewed and accepted as a proposal under consideration.

Full details about Smack Mellon are available at their website.
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  1. I dropped off a package regarding a show I curated, "Through the Night Softly" I will come by a drop off a s.a.s.e. before I leave aginn for Vienna this Thursday the 25TH.
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