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Opportunity: Curatorial Open Call: Unsolicited Proposal Program at apexart

Posted by Sophia Zhou • Tuesday, December 11. 2012 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

The application date for this opportunity has passed.

Dates: submissions will be accepted from January 15 to February 15, 2013 (11:59 PM EST—New York time).

The Unsolicited Proposal program is an opportunity for anyone, from anywhere, to submit an exhibition proposal to apexart. For one month beginning January 15, 2013, the Unsolicited Proposal Program will accept 500-word submissions for group shows that examine an idea or theme. Exhibitions can be about anything that the organizer finds compelling — successful shows have been mounted about everything from television to mapping to literature. No prior curatorial experience is required and we invite submissions from people of all backgrounds. Proposals are evaluated by an international jury and the three winners receive funding and administrative support to mount their exhibition in apexart's Manhattan gallery space.

Applications accepted online only from January 15- February 15, 2013. More information, including frequently asked questions and details on how to apply, is available here:

291 Church Street
New York, New York 10013
United States of America

Jurors for 2012-13 season:
Maria Aggeli, Miguel Amado, Gisele Amantea, Tiong Ang, Angela Ashman, Magnus Bartus, Meg Belichick, Melissa Broder, Gregorio Camara Castellanos, Lawrence Cappiello, Deric Carner, Eva Chytilek, Dan Claster, Anna Colin, Adeleine Daysor, Alain Declercq, Nita Deda, Ann deVere, Jane Dickson, Lital Doltan, Anita Durst, Don Edler, Mohamed el Moslemany , Luisa Especial, Mark Feary, Richard Foerster, Lucy Foley, A.E. Fournet, Marion Friedman Young, Mark Gajewski, Maria Jose Garces, Emanuel Geisser, Aaron Gilbert, Elena Goukassian, Leor Grady, Sofija Grandakovska, Katherine Gressel, John Haro, Stef Heidhues, Zhenesse Heinemann, Marianna Ignataki, Jennifer Inacio, Frank Jackson, Gregg Kallor, Jeffrey Kastner, Steve Katrosits, Jayson Keeling, Claire Kessler-Bradner, Sabeena Khosla, Darren Kraft, Heather Kristin, David Kwon, Patricia Leal, Deanna Lee, Fiona Lee, Leonard Lehrer, Todd Lester, Benjamin Liu, Amy Longenecker-Brown, Enrico Lunghi, Despo Magoni, Nalini Malaviya, Hannah Malyn, Grant Mandarino, Sophia Marisa Lucas, Martin Masetto, Jen Messier, Carlos Motta, Marvella Muro, Yohta Namba, Vadim Neselovskyi, Katharina Neuburger, Jade Niklai, Nanna Nordstrom, Stephen O'Connor, Shelly Oria, Anna Ostoya, Konstantinos Papamichalopoulos, Jessica Ann Peavy, Mark Pennings, Raj Per Tot, Eyal Perry, Kirk Rader, Bronwyn Riggs , Kiron Robinson, Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya, Lauren Rosati, Marta Sarkozy, Margo Sawyer, Keith Schwitzer, Ed Shaw, Stephanie Elyse Sherman, Jeremy Siskind, Tom Sloan, Danielle Sommer, Alise Spinella, Paul Stewart, Sally Szwed, Maiko Tanaka, Philip Tomaru, Jordi Trullas, Irene Tsatsos, Ekaterina Tsvetkova, Elvira Vernaschi, Kimberly Wadsworth, Peter White, Anna Martine Whitehead, Gregory Williams, Carmen Winant, Ahmad Zatari, Yiannis Ziogas
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