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Pick 'N Mix #46

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Friday, September 23. 2011 • Category: Pick 'N Mix

- In Manila, Catholic groups used intense pressure tactics to shut down an exhibition. The curator, J. Pacena III, says: "I am shocked and appalled by how our civil liberties were exploited to satiate the sensibilities of a raucous mob."

- From a report on the British Art Show by Amy Fung: "While their curatorial focus has been on selecting individual works of merit, history cannot be escaped, and motifs cannot be suppressed."

- "If they choose to work in India, young curators will need to use the opportunities provided by the private sector as there is, after all, no corresponding growth in state-run or public museums and galleries." From an interview by Natasha Ginwala with Geeta Kapur on the curatorial context in India.

- In Toronto, plans for a two-year, $420,000 contract for a curator who would choose artwork for a new public transport line have been cancelled. The argument was that the transport agency should "focus on getting the line built". Certainly, although planning how art will be integrated from the start is surely better than retrofitting it later.

- Just found this Feminism and Curating wiki. Looks like the start of a good resource.

- "Art is at a crossroads. It has exhausted its possibilities and needs to expand." - Zhang Ga, Curator of Translife exhibition at NAMOC, China

- Last but most definitely not least! You surely saw our announcement about the first Fellowship. Download the application form here, applications are due October 21! Also please consider supporting the financing of the Fellowship with a donation to our crowdfunding campaign. Looking forward to your generous demonstrations of support and your applications for the first Fellowship!

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