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Francesco Bonami

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Sunday, November 26. 2006 • Category: News
“In theory now you could curate a whole Venice Biennale using only the Internet,” said Francesco Bonami, senior curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

This quote comes from a larger article that recently appeared in the New York Times. The article takes a solid look at how pressures to find the "next big thing" leads curators to rack up the frequent flier miles scouring the globe for a fresh face to slot into their next show.

Francesco Bonami is also the focus of the latest Bad at Sports podcast. In the podcast, Bonami covers a lot of ground:

Francesco gives his frank and funny perspective on everything from why Australian art is bad, compares Kentuckians to Europeans, and talks about the role of the curator as artist.

I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but already it sounds as though I would like his style. And judging by his own reflections on the Venice Biennale show he curated in 2003 (“I really got slaughtered [...] When you show the real chaos, people cannot take it"), he fits the profile of a risk-taker that holds no regrets - exactly the sort of person that I believe the contemporary art world needs much, much more of.
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  1. Put plain and simply - recognition and/or communication with a public audience is what is sought when an artist works. Would an individual want to be recognized as an artist without consideration taken of the value of the work? Or again, put plainly, do they just want celebrity status for having work on display? Probably not, or at least that's what most would claim. Most artists want their work to be evaluated by an audience and found to be worthy of entering the common memory (for whatever period of time) so art plainly has to engage with the audience at some point in the exhibitive process.
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  2. Bonami:gradirei con la presente richiederLe se può prendermi in considerazione come artista visitando il mio sito non ho grandi disponibilità finanziarie quindi non riesco a partecipare ad eventi quali i vari Expo e quindi una mia eventuale riuscita o successo vengono meno.Confido sinceramente in Lei quale estimatore d'arte e come dice il prof.Sgarbi"vi sono artisti che meritano e non escono per questioni finananziarie"l'Arte è quindi penalizzata solo dai soldi,e i sentimenti di chi crea dove finiscono?Gradirei avare una Sua risposta alla presente quando può.Le porgo i miei più cordiali saluti Carlo Dezzani
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