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Recent Comments

Terry Rhodes about Job: Curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Mon, 03.12.2007 04:10
I have applied for the positio n as curator for a number of r easons, but there are two that stand out as the most pivotal for my personal and professio nal development. My desire to one day is a p [...]

Michaela Mantini about Curatorial Intern: Toronto
Mon, 29.10.2007 11:01
Hi Alissa, I realise that thi s internship is from last fall , however the position is some thing which sparked my interes t. I am a third year Queen's U niversity art history student, from Toronto [...]

Alexander Viscio about Call for curators: Smack Mellon Emerging Curator Programme
Mon, 22.10.2007 09:02
I dropped off a package regard ing a show I curated, "Through the Night Softly" I will come by a drop off a s.a.s.e. befo re I leave aginn for Vienna th is Thursday the 25TH.

GILLIAN MCIVER about Open Source Curating
Sun, 21.10.2007 05:56
Actually I find that in most c ases in the art world, not mu ch is "open and transparent" a nd it becomes more arcane the higher up you go. I like the post by Niels Van Tomme, who m akes some poin [...]

Lucia Andrea Sweeney about Every curator's nightmare?
Sun, 14.10.2007 20:59
Absolutely! As her sister and co-artist to several of the p rojects she has done. She is one on her own and from nothin g makes new and wonderful crea tives experiences to evolve.

Elizabeth Henley about Every curator's nightmare?
Sun, 14.10.2007 20:58
I can vouch the dedication of Gaynor. She has given many op portunities, including myself to work along side to help my research in my practice. This is a woman and artist wit h so much visi [...]

LeisureArts about Pick 'N Mix - October 2007
Mon, 01.10.2007 07:48
To continue to stretch things a bit...Maybe you would be int erested in the book _Everyday eBay: culture, collecting, and desire_. It's an anthology an d many of the essays touch on issues germane [...]

GRUPPO SINESTETICO about Job: Curator of SCAPE Biennial
Sat, 01.09.2007 03:02
GRUPPO SINESTETICO (Albertin , Sassu , Scordo) artists Itali an POSSIBLE PARTECIPATION I N SCAPE BIENNIAL ? thanks f or your reponse sassu X Grup po Sinestetico www.grupposine

Risa H about What Do Curators Want?
Sat, 21.04.2007 18:28
sheesh, i've broken more than one of those tips!

MK about Unattributed quotes at openings
Sat, 21.04.2007 06:55
That's very true! Do it yourse lf, don't wait for someone els e to do it for you.... exactly what prompted Yael to start t he Upgrade!.

tV about Unattributed quotes at openings
Tue, 17.04.2007 12:23
In part this is the very motiv e of Upgrade, isn't it?

Lars Cuzner about Pick 'N Mix - April 2007
Sat, 07.04.2007 06:40
That collection of youtube lin ks is pretty mixed up. I don't know if youv'e had time but y ou can get Dan Graham 17 yrs h itting his little sister in fr ont of the tv. There are alot of Dan Grahams [...]

Garnet about Reviews: Ideas podcast
Mon, 19.02.2007 12:04
I love Ideas, and have become a heavy listener to Ideas podc asts over the last few months. When I was in Toronto a co uple of weeks ago (InterAccess show) I got interviewed by No ra Young who i [...]

Zeke about Reviews: Ideas podcast
Wed, 07.02.2007 17:47
Howdy! Thanks Tons!

Michelle Kasprzak about "Agile and open" - DiY Curating
Wed, 03.01.2007 15:15
hi Anu, I can't agree more. W hile it is always a pleasure t o witness how up-and-comers ov ercome roadblocks in innovativ e ways, and enjoy the fruits o f their efforts, we must also ask ourselves [...]

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