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Opportunity: Call for Curatorial Proposals, CUE Art Foundation

Posted by Sofia Landström • Friday, March 1. 2013 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

Call for Curatorial Proposals, CUE Art Foundation
Deadline: April 30, 2013

CUE Art Foundation is a non-profit contemporary art space in New York City. CUE showcases the work of emerging artists through solo exhibitions, provides educational and professional development programs for artists and students, and hosts a range of public programs.

This program provides one deserving curator the necessary time and resources to realize an innovative project, with the aim of encouraging curatorial research in tandem with exhibition planning. CUE will provide institutional guidance and resources to the curator, who will produce a group exhibition with related public programming and an accompanying exhibition catalogue in July 2014. Selected applicant will receive a $1000 honorarium and an exhibition/production budget of up to $3500. CUE will contribute up to $1500 toward shipping expenses and up to $4000 for catalogue production.

Proposals will be evaluated on merit of project, singularity of concept, and adherence to the guidelines below. Please note: proposed artists must live or work in the United States. All applications submitted will be considered final and treated as such. You will not, under any circumstances, be permitted to add to or edit your application once it has been submitted. All incomplete or duplicate applications will be immediately disqualified.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please visit For questions regarding the application requirements, please contact Jessica Gildea, Associate Director of Programs: 212-206-3583.

1. Proposals must be conceptually rigorous and focus on artists, projects, and themes that are innovative, challenging, and engaging. The majority of artists proposed must qualify as under-recognized (no gallery representation and no solo exhibitions in a major venue within the last ten years).
2. Extra consideration will be given to proposals that clearly demonstrate a unique and creative approach to both research methods and the exhibition plan, and those that present ideas or topics not well represented in the commercial sector.
3. The proposal must investigate and promote the activities of four or more artists. Curators may not include their own work in the exhibition.
4. Extra consideration will be given to applicants in the beginning stages of their curatorial careers.
5. Proposals must include a line-item budget and a list of potential artists with images.
6. CUE strongly encourages applications that contribute to our ongoing commitment to diversity.

1. An exhibition proposal up to 1000 words that outlines both the background and plan for the exhibition
2. A list of at least four potential artists
3. At least one image per artist, or up to one minute of video per artist for video and time-based work
4. Image list
5. A line-item budget
6. Curator's CV

Images must be submitted as JPEGs, with filenames formatted as such: ARTISTLASTNAME_1.jpeg. Video samples may be .mov or .mp4. All video samples must be accompanied by a link to the full piece, to be included in the image list.

Further information:

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Opportunity: Call for Proposal, Critical Reflexion Program, Les Territoires

Posted by Sophia Zhou • Tuesday, November 20. 2012 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

The application date for this opportunity has passed.

Deadline: December 10, 2012

Les Territoires announces the second edition of the Critical Reflexion program, which invites emerging curators to submit a proposal for the exhibition project Livre imaginé: source ouverte 2013 that will take place during the winter 2014 season (March/April). The deadline to submit a proposal is December 10, 2012.

Information about the project :

The changes in our relationship to information and the formats we use to transmit it have altered our rapport to knowledge. The open source at once grants immediate access to data and democratizes knowledge, often resulting in a loss of references. On the one hand, this signifies the end of a hierarchical system; on the other hand, this loss can lead us to a world of infinite possibilities. The author and the artist are now called to redefine their work in terms of the blurring boundaries between different practices, leading us to believe that the vertical chain of industrial and traditional production has become obsolete. What is the significance and importance of the an artisanal and patented work when the author can write, edit, publish and broadcast his work without difficulty and where the artist can exhibit his works internationally via the internet? The exhibit Livre imaginé is as much a reflexion on art practices today as it is a statement on the future.

Livre imaginé: source ouverte 2013 is a collaborative project produced in partnership with l’aire libre ( and the NT2 research group.

The exhibits curated in the critical reflexion program are group exhibits. The CARFAC/RAAV fee will be paid out to the participating artists. The curator will also be paid for his/her work.

Your submission should include :

- exhibition proposal related to the theme Livre imaginé : source ouverte 2013 (500 words)
the project proposal should be consistent with the proposed problematic;
- initial list of the artists and the works you wish to present;
- 10 to 15 jpegs of the proposed works and an image inventory list;
- Curriculum vitae including the contact address and email of the curator;

Please send your project proposal by email :

Les Territoires is a non-profit art centre that presents and promotes all art practices and encourages the exchange of ideas between various art world actors. The exhibits of the Critical reflection program take on an original outlook on emerging art practices and the way in which they recount our society and times. By organizing these exhibits, Les Territoires helps maintain the ties between the art world and academic research.

For more information please visit our website:
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