Contemporary art curating news and views from Michelle Kasprzak and team Fellowship is pleased to announce a new curatorial fellowship in collaboration with the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) in Glasgow. Commencing in 2012, the Fellowship is a paid opportunity for an individual to conduct curatorial research and produce an exhibition at the CCA.

In response to the need for paid hands-on experience in curating, Founder and Editor-in-Chief Michelle Kasprzak designed the Fellowship as a way to facilitate this essential experience. The inaugural Fellowship will take place in partnership with Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) Glasgow, a dynamic organisation in one of Europe’s most culturally-vibrant cities. The Fellowship is funded partly by CCA, and partly by the community itself through a crowdfunding campaign. Applications were judged by Francis McKee, Director of the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow; Sally Tallant, Artistic Director & CEO, Liverpool Biennial; and Michelle Kasprzak, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The inaugural Fellow is Emma Brasó.

Many warm thanks to our crowdfunding supporters, who make the Fellowship a reality. The supporters for the inaugural Fellowship are:
Kathleen Pirrie Adams | Miguel Amada | Elke Krasny | Alissa Firth-Eagland | Robin Clark | Hardeep Pandhal | Amy Fung | Charlene Steele | Klaus Hu | Kat Gollock | EM De Wachter | Padraic Moore | Michelle Hyun | Kyla McMillan | Carmen Billows | Kateryna Denysova | Emma Braso | Szilvia Nagy | Nicola Wilson | Sarah Cunningham | Ruth Hodgins | Michael McCallum | Antonia Gaeta | Struan Kennedy | Jennie Stoddart | Emma Moore | Carlos Primo | Valerio del Baglivo | Eva Kekou | Mag Chua | Katerina Gkoutziouli | Kirsteen MacDonald | Laura Simpson | Michael Alstad | Shawn Micallef | Kate Martin | Jeanne Gerrity | Caitlin Jones | Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino | Chloe Geoghegan | Ela Kagel | Donna Jennis | Maya Wiseman | Aria Ingrid Spinelli | Ted Kasprzak | Anne Swearingen
and other anonymous donors.
Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • 2013-03-07
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