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Who can become a curator? by Sofia Landström

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Tuesday, November 12. 2013 • Category: Musings

Who can become a curator? by Sofia Landström

When I finished my Bachelor's degree in Art History and Visual Studies one year ago, I was faced with the question of how to take my next step in the art world. During my studies, I had worked with exhibitions and curating, but I was not sure how to truly make curating my profession. With a limited number of jobs in the art world, the pressure is strong to make smart decisions, choosing a path that would lead to calling myself a professional curator. The first and most obvious decision was whether to pursue further education or not.

When considering whether it was worth it to continue with curatorial education in a formal sense, first I conducted some research, and here's what I found: the nineties brought changes to the way that art was presented, but also in the way that art was produced. The role of the curator had for a long time been mostly hidden from public view, tied more closely to a small professional circle than the limelight. At the time, schools providing curatorial education could be easily counted: CCS Bard in Annandale-on-Hudson,the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program in New York, and École du Magasin in Grenoble primary among them. In the nineties, more curatorial studies programmes opened, such as the one at the Royal College of Art in London.

The exhibition space started to symbolize a collective dimension for art as an open work with participation at its centre, informed by “...a new curatorial rhetoric of flexibility, connectivity, transformativity, intersubjectivity, contextuality, collaboration and hybridity.” (1) The shift represents a key moment in the development in the curatorial practice during the last 20 years. This practice changed the form of exhibitions, making them more cooperative, process-oriented, and discursively based. This new generation of curators emerging in the nineties offered a new range of experiments, formats and cultural actions. Curators became more visible and necessary as exhibitions became more conceptual and context-based in themselves. The curatorial role, and curatorial education, emerged strongly as these changes putting the curator at the forefront were enacted.

But does this mean that a Master’s degree, PhD, or other higher education is necessary in order to become a professional curator? Because art ideas have changed and are still changing, does that mean that I must be trained at a university to understand and practice them? In my research conducted while preparing for my applications, I read about some of the most successful curators of today, and found that they never formally studied curatorial practice. In the book, On Curating, by Carolee Thea, curators like Joseph Backstein, Roselee Goldberg and Charles Esche describe their curatorial practice as almost a coincidence; some of them started with writing for magazines and museums, some others started off as artists themselves but later developed an interest in curating. (2)

While early curators got into the field through broad knowledge and experience rather than education, today that path would be hard to follow, since the profession is becoming professionalized by education. We can see the same development within many fields, such as journalism and marketing. In today's knowledge-and-power-economy both fields have gone through an educational turn and become more and more professionalized. In 2013, it seems impossible to become a curator without a further education in the field; curatorial practice has also had its educational turn.

It is of course debatable if is the best development for the field, as it limits entry to the profession for many, and will likely narrow the scope of knowledge within the practice. But it’s a fact that almost every museum or gallery that is hiring a curator requires an MA or a PhD, and this means that schooling is effectively more important. An MA in curating opens up the job market further, and it gives you the freedom to call yourself a curator. Unfortunately, the field might miss out on some very talented people as education becomes increasingly mandatory.

I received my acceptance letter from Central Saint Martins in April. Even though I worked on independent projects before applying, I never knew exactly how to either embrace or challenge the blind spots in my curating practice. Filling this gap in my own curatorial work made me choose the Central Saint Martins programme, with its emphasis on exhibitions and curating inside and outside the museum and gallery, in order to analyze their effects on contemporary art practice, and construct an alternative, critical art history. The number of curatorial studies programmes is flourishing around the world and my decision to choose Central Saint Martins wasn't an easy one: however, within this context I feel I will have the chance to not only to define my own work but also broaden my knowledge of art history's historiography and methodology.

Obtaining further education is an easy move to justify; the promise is that it provides tools and the knowledge needed to succeed as a professional curator in the long term. I don’t necessarily think that a MA in curating is the only way to go, but for me, I think it’s an expedited way to start my career, and it's my hope that curatorial studies allows for a broader range of career options and flexibility. The educational environment also provides a variety of networks difficult to access anywhere else: the people in your classes have similar ambitions as you and one day the person sitting next to you might be your co-worker, employee, or boss. Once my degree is finished, I will be curious to look back on these thoughts and rethink my views, as well as reflect on how my years in graduate school will inevitably change my views on curating, contemporary art, and my own practice.

1. The culture of curating and the curating of culture(s), Paul O´Neill, 2012, page 110
2. On curating, Interviews with Ten International Curators, Carolee Thea, 2009
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Jobs: Curator Summer School 2014

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Sunday, November 10. 2013 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

Curator Summer School 2014 is seeking a Curator to develop and deliver the 2014 Summer School which builds and extends
upon our previous successful two Summer Schools. The Curator must have a dynamic approach to
programming and be able to implement a theoretical framework responsive to the delivery mode of the
Summer School which covers lectures, presentations and workshops. The Curator should have both a strong
education planning and teaching delivery background, as well as vast experience in arts programming. An
understanding and ability to market and promote the school to a wide sector is imperative to the role. The
Curator will also be responsible for delivering an overarching text for the school which describes the school
conceptually, and invites response from participants and the public.
The Curator will work independently but in association with staff Karen Mirza, James Holcombe and
Sally Golding to shape and define the overall theoretical framework, select guest artists, devise theory
sessions, and program public screenings and events.
This is an exceptional opportunity for a driven individual to use this experience to develop and advance their
practice within a dynamic and progressive environment at a time which coincides with’s 10th
birthday high profile celebratory events.
Background & Concept:’s summer school is a six week programme that builds on our reputation as a vital community and
site for the production, discussion and dissemination of practices engaged with the moving image, politics,
aesthetics and technology. The summer school is not invested in reproducing the structures, canons
and learning models on offer in Higher Education; equally we are not an autonomous free school.
counters the widespread privatisation of education by offering a pedagogical environment that grounds itself
on egalitarian, nonprofit
terms. The summer school offers participants a combination of theoretical seminars,
activities, field trips, guest workshops led by artists and theorists alongside an intensive
programme of handson
film and video making. These components are reliant upon and reflective of one
another in a manner that allows practice to enlighten theory, collective experimentation to inform individual
Main Duties & Skills:
● Ability to multi task and to work cordially and professionally with all involved in the Summer School
including staff, guest lecturers and students.
● Have a developed understanding of the technical requirements for public presentations and
● Experience in scheduling and programming, and good organisational skills in facilitating and
actioning meetings.
● Excellent communication across all forums.
● Experience and understanding of community organised education and participatory sessions, and a
synergy with the free school model of education.
● Availability to cover occasional evening work (up to three sessions over six weeks) during the active
period of the school to meet the needs of delivering the public program.
● The Curator must have a minimum 3-5 years experience covering education, theory and programming.
● Temporary 30 days covering research, planning and preparation, as well as delivery of the Summer School.
● Preparation can start from January, and active delivery of the school takes place July to August.
● Some additional hours in line with the nature of arts programming and delivery for public events may be required.
● The position will be supported by a production assistant.
Deadline: Monday 16th December, 6pm
Interviews: January 2014 dates TBC
Start: January 2014
Finish: August 2014
Salary: £3,000 contractors fee
To apply please send your CV along with a covering letter and a short statement of your vision for the 2014
Summer School (no more than 400 words) to Sally Golding, Administrator,,
sally.golding -at-
For further background information please see the entries for the previous two Summer Schools on the website: A Lecture From Behind the Screen and Forcible Frames. Additionally, commentary from previous Summer School participants is available to peruse via our blog (entries July August).
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Opportunity: sculpture network call for curators

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Saturday, October 26. 2013 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

To mark its 10-year anniversary, sculpture network will publish curators' thoughts on sculpture being made in Europe today. Publication will take place throughout 2014. We are offering 10 selected curators a platform to promote themselves and their ideas, to a specific target audience of around 20,000 art professionals, artists, mediators, collectors and friends of the arts in Europe and beyond.

Each of the selected will be promoted as Curator of the Month at a given time in 2014. Their presented proposals and a video statement will be featured throughout the sculpture network platform: webpage, newsletter, social media channels (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn) and mailings, in three languages: English, German and Spanish, with sculpture network undertaking the translation. The project will be presented to the public via Video Live Stream, Europe wide, on 19 January 2014, during sculpture network's European annual sculpture celebration, nyb'14. Additionally we are looking for funding to create a small publication about this project.

Selection is by an international jury and only proposals that comply to the format requested, will be considered. Please read the following carefully before submitting your proposal.

How to apply:
We invite curators, currently living in Europe, to submit the following in English:

- Name, address, email, contact telephone number, country of birth and current working city/country
- A brief summary of your curatorial practice during the past 5 years and a portrait photo
- A written text expounding your ideas on sculpture today, in no more than 500 words, in a Word document
- A list of 5 to 10 active artists in your country, whose work illustrates your described ideas on sculpture
- A selection of 4 images of works by your listed artists' sculptures, made within the last 5 years with agreed copyright and photo credits

Please send queries and proposals by email to Beatriz Blanch: call -at-
Application deadline: 15 November 2013
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Opportunity: Call for applications, PhD in Curatorial Practice at MADA

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Friday, October 18. 2013 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

The application date for this opportunity has passed.

Call for applications: PhD in Curatorial Practice at MADA

Monash University Art Design & Architecture (MADA) in Melbourne, Australia announces the PhD specialisation in Curatorial Practice. Led by Tara McDowell and launching in March 2014, the PhD in Curatorial Practice is the first in Australia and among the first in the world. This program joins the field at a moment when the discipline of curating is as dynamic and contested as it is established. The Curatorial Practice PhD at MADA is practice-based, and will support a spectrum of doctoral projects, from experimental curatorial models to academic dissertations.

The program will be an international centre for radical curatorial models that reflect critically on how we engage with our cultures, our cities, and our world. It will foster curatorial projects that test the limits of arts institutions. It will support advanced scholarly work on exhibitions and their histories, conditions of art’s public appearance, and the politics of display. Finally, the program will nurture spaces of retreat to allow forms of research other than those that normally occur within the framework of educational institutions.


Candidates will have advanced knowledge of art, art history, arts institutions, and curating, or relevant fields of inquiry. They are required to hold a minimum four-year Bachelor’s degree with Honours, and will preferably hold a research Master’s qualification in a relevant discipline. Candidates will apply with a specific research project in mind. The program is open to applicants whose projects are interdisciplinary or historical in nature. Scholarships may be awarded to qualified applicants subject to University scholarship assessment and terms and conditions.

Application deadline for scholarship consideration: October 31, 2013

Application details at

Monash University Art Design & Architecture
900 Dandenong Rd
Caulfield East, Victoria 3145
Ph: +61 3 9903 1837
Contact: artdes-postgrad -at-
CRICOS provider: 00008C
CRICOS course code: 037830A

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Opportunity: Soliciting Unsolicited Proposals, apexart

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Friday, October 11. 2013 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

The application date for this opportunity has passed.

Unsolicited Proposal Program
apexart's Unsolicited Proposal Program is an opportunity for anyone, from anywhere, to submit a proposal for an idea-based exhibition at apexart. From October 11 to November 8, 2013, we will accept 500-word group exhibition proposals. Three winning proposals will be presented at apexart in New York City as part of our 2014-15 season. Proposals are only accepted online for anonymous consideration by an international group of more than 100 individuals composed of artists, curators, writers, arts professionals, and individuals from other fields.

Our unique system of crowd-sourced jurying asks each juror to read at least 50 proposals, in randomized order. Each proposal receives as many as 25 votes. We believe it is the most objective and fair process of evaluation that we have found. Submissions are reviewed anonymously and solely on the strength of their idea and previous curatorial experience is in no way required. Supplemental materials are not accepted to further level the "playing field."

Three proposals with the highest ratings will be presented the following season at apexart in NYC, and the full tally of results (where your proposal ranked) will be available online to all submitters. We appreciate your interest in our programs.

Applications are welcomed and encouraged from around the world.

For more info and to apply:
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Opportunity: Curatorial Intern, OBS Gallery, Tonbridge, Kent

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Wednesday, October 9. 2013 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

The application date for this opportunity has passed.

OBS Gallery in Tonbridge, Kent will be opening in January 2014 and will be showcasing work by both established and emerging contemporary artists. We are looking for a curatorial intern from November 2013 until the end of March 2014. This is part time (days to be negotiated) and we are offering lunch and travel expenses. The intern will research ideas for future exhibitions and work on the opening exhibition ‘In the Flesh’.

Details about the gallery, opening exhibition, a job description and an application form can be found here:

The deadline for applications has been extended until 28th October.

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Job: Director and Chief Curator, Visual and Digital Arts, The Banff Centre

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Sunday, October 6. 2013 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

Director and Chief Curator, Visual and Digital Arts
The Banff Centre

The Opportunity
The Banff Centre is looking for a Director/Chief Curator, Visual and Digital Arts to envision, lead and manage the implementation of all Visual and Digital Arts programming at The Banff Centre, including the studio residency and work study programs, the Walter Phillips Gallery and the Banff International Curatorial Institute. The department is currently assessing its facilities and staffing to better support artists working in digital and experimental technologies such as video, sound art, interactive storytelling and mobile apps among others. This review is in its early stages and the direction of this facility enhancement will be determined in part by the successful candidate in response to the demands required, today and tomorrow, by contemporary arts practice. The successful candidate will be highly collaborative in style and have an expressed interest in developing innovative and cross-disciplinary programming and research.

Position Objectives

Leads the Visual and Digital Arts department, envisioning a compelling future for programs that meets the ambitions laid out in the overall strategic plan of the Centre
Develops new programming of a high artistic calibre that meets the needs of Canadian and international artists and curators in the 21st century and increases the reach of our nationally and internationally renowned programs
Leads the curatorial direction of the Walter Phillips Gallery and manages The Banff Centre's collection of approximately 2000 works
Creates an environment where visual and digital artists can experiment and push creative boundaries to build on existing artistic knowledge and facilitate personal growth and development


Oversees a group of onsite staff with expertise in studio facilitation across artistic disciplines, curatorial research, exhibit preparation and production, publications, and collections management
Creates the annual program plan and puts required funding and resources in place to bring the Visual and Digital Arts vision to life
Draws on his/her own network of contacts within the visual arts community to form a roster of exceptional sessional creative faculty
Ensures the Walter Phillips Gallery's reputation is enhanced as an institution of artistic excellence so that it is positioned at the forefront of contemporary art
Responsible for the Banff International Curatorial Institute, which supports research and professional development opportunities in the curatorial field
Develops an active program of dissemination of the results of studio activities and exhibitions through print and electronic channels
Works with the VP Arts and Directors of Film & Media, Theatre & Dance, Literary Arts, Music and Indigenous Arts to develop interdisiciplinary projects


Has excellent knowledge of current art practice and a comprehensive understanding of art education and professional development at the post-secondary level
Displays familiarity with funding sources to identify and support the application for grant opportunities
Possesses at minimum a master's degree in Art History, Curatorial Studies, Fine Arts or a related field
Has worked at least 5 years in a leadership role in a visual arts context
Experience with major capital projects is considered an asset

Special Requirements

Candidates offered a position with the Centre, in this capacity, will be required to obtain a criminal record check through the local R.C.M.P. detachment, verifying a clear record before a final job offer can be made
This position requires flexibility in schedule, working occasional weekends and evenings
Travel is required

Employment Terms & Benefits

This is a permanent salaried Management/ PSP position, subject to a 12 month probationary period, based on 37.5 hours per week
Salary commensurate with level of education and experience
The Banff Centre offers a competitive and comprehensive benefits package to all of its full time salaried employees. For more information please visit our benefits page

Application Process

We are accepting applications for this position until a suitable candidate is found.

If this opportunity matches your interest and experience, please submit your application online via The Banff Centre careers website:

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Jobs: The River Tamar Project, University of Plymouth

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Tuesday, August 20. 2013 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

The application date for this opportunity has passed.

The River Tamar Project is a major cultural project, connecting local and international communities with the river. Funded by the Arts Council of England in partnership with Plymouth University.

Two positions available:
Producer, Ref: A3438, Full-time, fixed term £23352 to £27047 pa- Grade 5
Marketing Coordinator, Ref: A3440, Full-time, fixed term £18005 to £19606 pa-Grade 3

Location: Plymouth, UK
Closing date: 04/09/2013
Apply to Plymouth University
The River Tamar Project is seeking two new dynamic team members to produce and communicate the programme. Based at Plymouth University they will work with the Artistic Director on a major International River Film Festival. Experience of commissioning and developing new audiences in contemporary art is desirable.

The River Tamar Project is a major cultural project, connecting local and international communities with the river. Funded by the Arts Council of England in partnership with Plymouth University.

Job descriptions:
Ref: A3438
River Tamar Project Producer
Salary: £23,352 to £27,047 pa- Grade 5
The River Tamar Project is a major new cultural project that will explore the rich heritage and potential future uses of one of the country’s most
diverse waterways.
Supported by Peninsula Arts, Plymouth University and the Arts Council England, this project is looking for a dynamic producer who will be responsible for the delivery and production of this exciting 12 month programme which culminates in a major international film festival in September 2014. You will be responsible to the Artistic Director and work with a small dedicated team in building the profile of the project and developing a new audience. They will manage a Marketing Coordinator and work alongside the University’s External Relations department and Peninsula Arts.
With experience in curating public projects and working with artists from early research and concept development through to delivery, the Producer will help shape the future artistic programme of River Tamar Project, devise and deliver specific projects and articulate the ideas and issues that inform contemporary practice in the public realm.
They will have the proven ability to respond creatively to the demands of public space, to liaise with non-arts partners and stakeholders, to fundraise and manage budgets, and to collaborate with and manage technical teams, fabricators, graphic designers, and associated contractors and suppliers.
You will also be an exceptional communicator with a proven interest in broadening the reach and impact of the work of contemporary artists.
For an informal discussion, please contact Paula Orrell, paula -at-, or telephone 01752 584980. To apply for this post, please visit
This is a full-time position working 37 hours per week and is fixed term for 14 months.
Clearance from the Disclosure and Barring Service will be required for this position.

Ref: A3440
River Tamar Project Marketing Coordinator
Salary: £18,005 to £19,606 pa-Grade 3
The River Tamar Project is a major new cultural project that will explore the rich heritage and potential future uses of one of the country’s most
diverse waterways.
Supported by Peninsula Arts, Plymouth University and the Arts Council England, this project is looking for a dynamic producer who will be responsible for the delivery and production of this exciting 12 month programme which culminates in a major international film festival in September 2014.
You will provide effective administrative and tactical marketing support, delivering to deadlines for the implementation of the River Tamar Project. Reporting directly to the River Tamar Project Producer, the coordinator will work alongside the University’s External Relations team and Peninsula Arts. With excellent customer-facing skills you will also particularly focus on new audience development for the programme.
It will involve assisting on campaigns and producing marketing material aligned with digital and social media resources for the promotion of the
project. There will be a strong interface with partners and stakeholders, as well as coordinating and attending internal and external events.
For an informal discussion, please contact Paula Orrell, paula -at-, or telephone 01752 584980. To apply for this post, please visit
Clearance from the Disclosure and Barring Service will be required for this position.
This is a full time position working 37 hours per week and is fixed term for 12 months.

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Opportunity: das weisse haus Summer Residencies

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Monday, July 15. 2013 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

The application date for this opportunity has passed.

A short term curatorial residency is available at das weisse haus, Vienna, from August 16 - 30, 2013.

Please have a look for detailed information about what we offer and application on our website here:

The applications deadline is July 24, 2013.
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Job: Programme Officer, Mostyn

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Thursday, June 27. 2013 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

The application date for this opportunity has passed.

MOSTYN, Llandudno

Programme Officer

Full-time, Permanent

There is an exciting opportunity to join the Programme team at Wales' largest contemporary art gallery.

We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced individual with an attention to detail to help successfully deliver the objectives of our exhibition, learning and engagement programmes.

This is a full-time, permanent position with the salary in the range £20,112 - £29,435 (actual amount dependent on experience).

To view the full job description for this position please visit our website or to view in Welsh visit

If you are interested in applying for this position please send your CV and a covering letter to brian -at- or mail Brian Jamieson, 12 Vaughan Street, Llandudno, Conwy, UK, LL30 1AB

The closing date for applications is 1st July 2013

MOSTYN values a diverse workforce and welcomes applications from all sections of the community.


Programme Officer

Reporting to: Director

Responsible for: The management of Gallery Staff

Salary: £20,112 - £29,435


- To manage and assist all logistics involved in the realisation of the Visual Arts Programme.
- To organise, manage and assist the delivery of the Public Programme, including talks, lectures and symposia.
- To supervise and manage gallery Front of House staff.

Main duties:

To assist the Visual Arts Programme Curator and manage the logistics of the Visual Arts & Exhibition programme ensuring all insurance/indemnity, contracts, loan forms, transport & shipping, storage, documentation, handling requirements/condition checking are executed effectively.

Make arrangements that ensure works in the care and responsibility of MOSTYN are secure and maintained to the standards and requirements agreed with lenders.

Establish and maintain an archive of exhibitions/programmes/publications that is accessible to Mostyn staff and to stakeholders on demand.

Manage the logistics relating to the Engagement programme and liaise with the Operations & Facilities Manager, Retail & Visitor Experience, Audience Relations, Learning & Participation and Visual Arts Programme teams for any technical/front of house/security/content support and arrangement for events and activities.

Keep abreast of latest development in contemporary art & culture, engagement and audience reach.

Take responsibility for and actively contribute to the Engagement content of Mostyn website, in collaboration with the Audience Relations Team, and actively contribute to the online social networking activity of Mostyn according to the organisation’s guidelines.

Liaise with the Audience Relations Team, Learning & Participation and Visual Arts Programme Curator on the promotion and highlighting of engagement events and activities. Ensure Engagement events and activities are marketed effectively, working closely with the Audience Relations Manager in this regard.

Obtain, edit, package and distribute information regarding artists, exhibitions and programmes to support mediation, engagement, learning & participation and communication with audiences to aid visitor’s enjoyment and interpretation of exhibitions and other content.

Set and/or supervise the staffing rota and ensure the Gallery is sufficiently resourced.

Ensure up to date information and key messages from Exhibitions, Engagement, Learning & Participation, Audience Relations and Partnerships & Development teams are available for the Visitor Experience team to share with visitors and promote what is on offer at Mostyn. Ensure the Visitor Experience Team Members are fully informed and trained as to the Exhibition, Engagement and Learning & Participation programmes.

Create ways of adding value to visitors that increase their enjoyment and broaden their depth of knowledge of what Mostyn has to offer.

In common with all post holders, the Programme Officer is expected:-
- To take responsibility for their own and their colleagues' health and safety
- To ensure the security of the gallery and other spaces in Mostyn
- To act as an advocate of Mostyn and promote its vision and activities
- To collaborate with all other departments
- To ensure Mostyn systems, policies and processes are adhered to in the execution of the duties.

This is not an exhaustive list of duties. It may be necessary to undertake other reasonable duties for the successful execution of this role and to meet the aims of the organisation.

Outline person specification:

- Significant experience of Project Management and evidence of ongoing continuous professional development particularly in contemporary visual arts.
- Current practices in Exhibition planning and execution processes including the steps and elements to deliver a successful exhibition programme.
- Passion for bringing cultural and societal issues in/through the arts to life and engaging as wide an audience as possible to the benefits, challenges and opportunities of contemporary art.

- Able to organise own work and that of others in the execution of this role.
- Able to define requirements, plan and execute projects to agreed expectations.
- Able to anticipate problems/issues/risks and manage these through to successful conclusion.
- Creative flair, entrepreneurial spirit and resourcefulness to deliver innovative, strategic yet pragmatic programmes of activities.
- Articulate and able to discuss and present contemporary art issues to different audiences and stakeholders, using different vocabulary and tools according to target audiences and speakers.

- Successful delivery of projects and programmes in conjunction with external partners, particularly in contemporary visual arts.
- Working in a gallery/visual arts environment and mastering the expectations and factors that contribute to the achievement of its vision, aims and aspirations.
- Planning, organising and delivering activities and events for public attendance.
- Producing effective archival visual resources for use in galleries and online.
- Commissioning artists, producers, speakers or technologists
- Evaluating the success of creative activities.

Welsh-language ability for this post is not essential but would be seen as an asset.

Hours of work:

This is a full time role working 37.5 hours per week. There will be an occasional requirement to work unsocial hours in the execution of this role.

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Opportunity: Summer Academy, Salzburg

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Wednesday, June 19. 2013 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

The application date for this opportunity has passed.

Bassam El Baroni
Lyotard for the twenty-first century curator: a singular account

This course is not about Jean-François Lyotard. It is a course about curating, envisioning exhibitions and other forms of curatorial projects. It is about critical thinking on art in relation to our time and in connection to the political, making connections between ideas in the past and present. This will be achieved by using some of Lyotard’s strongest concepts and by pointing out their continuing relevance at this particular moment in history, despite Lyotard’s waning popularity in today’s sphere of critical practice. Through Lyotard, we will attempt to answer a diverse range of questions such as: What justice can an exhibition bring to the world? And, what else can a curator be if not an intellectual? After we have gone through a number of preselected texts and various analyses of Lyotard’s work, we will choose one or more concept(s) from his pool of theoretical ideas and elaborate a complete curatorial proposal based on it. This could be an exhibition proposal or a proposal for a series of related events, etc. The participants can work together on a collaborative project, but they may also develop their own projects and discuss them in the group.

Duration: 22 July–3 August 2013
Limited places still available -- apply now

More info about the course:
More info about application:
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Job: Curatorial Assistant, Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Tuesday, June 11. 2013 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

The application date for this opportunity has passed.

Concordia University
This posting represents is a full-time, contract position.
Reporting to the Gallery Director, the incumbent manages the production of curatorial projects and provides research assistance to the Gallery’s
curatorial, publication, and programming activities according to priorities established by the Director.
• Liaise with artists and curators, art institutions, suppliers and various university services in the planning of each curatorial project.
• Prepare loan agreements and standardized artist, curator and writer’s contracts; coordinate and organize transportation and insurance of loaned
works; prepare conditions reports for incoming and outgoing works of art.
• Write the press release for each exhibition and supervise its translation; prepare and produce all titles, labels and text panels, and conceive their
graphic framework for each exhibition.
• Oversee the effective functioning of the presented works throughout each exhibition; coordinate photographic and video documentation for each
exhibition and event. Maintain a digital video and image library for research, publication and promotional uses; prepare final exhibition reports and
administer all exhibition files; supervise work study students working as attendants at the reception desk.
• Organize and oversee the gallery’s openings and assists in organizing special events and book launches.
• Carry out research activities in relation to the Gallery’s future exhibitions and publication projects including bibliographic, archival and data base
research in both traditional and digital formats; compile bibliographies, chronologies and data reports; research programming grants opportunities,
provide and prepare material for grant applications, assist in writing grant proposals.
• Liaise with graphic designers, printers and authors for the gallery’s publication program; research and obtain reproduction rights; copy edit and
proofread texts and may be called to oversee such activities.
• Assist in preparing exhibition proposals and in vetting incoming proposals; prepare final reports for granting agencies; prepare exhibition touring
packages; manage the gallery’s touring exhibitions.
• Perform other duties as required by the Director.
 Bachelor’s degree in Art History, Curatorial Studies, or related area and one to two years experience in curatorial management.
 Knowledge and a keen interest in contemporary art.
 Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word (to create documents and reports) and basic knowledge of Excel (to create and update spreadsheets).
 Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and basic graphic design and layout skills.
 Very good spoken and written English (level 5); very good spoken French (level 5) and good written French (level 5) to communicate effectively
with members of the internal and external communities in both official languages.
 Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.
 Initiative and resourcefulness essential; ability to work on an irregular schedule, to work under stress and to meet tight deadlines.
Please send your curriculum vitae with a covering letter by July 5th, 2013, to the attention of (no applications will be accepted via email):
Michèle Thériault
Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery
Concordia University
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West – LB 165
Montréal (Québec)
H3G 1M8
IMPORTANT: Only candidates considered for an interview will be contacted. The language and computer skills of short-listed candidates will be
Concordia University is committed to Employment Equity and encourages applications from women, aboriginal peoples, visible minorities,
ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities.
Université Concordia
Poste contractuel à temps plein.
Sous l’autorité de la directrice de la Galerie, gérer la réalisation de projets d’exposition et assurer un soutien à la recherche pour les expositions, les
publications et la programmation de la Galerie en fonction des priorités fixées par la directrice.
• Assurer la liaison avec les artistes, les commissaires les établissements artistiques, les fournisseurs et les divers services universitaires pour la
planification de chaque projet d’exposition.
• Préparer les conventions de prêt et les contrats d’adhésion des artistes, des commissaires et des auteurs; coordonner et organiser le transport et
l’assurance des oeuvres prêtées; préparer les rapports sur l’état des oeuvres qui entrent ou sortent de la Galerie.
• Rédiger les communiqués de presse pour chaque exposition et superviser leur traduction; préparer et produire tous les titres, vignettes et panneaux
explicatifs, et concevoir leur graphisme.
• Veiller au bon déroulement de chaque exposition relativement aux oeuvres présentées; coordonner la documentation photographique et vidéo pour
chaque exposition et événement. Tenir à jour une bibliothèque numérique de vidéos et d’images à des fins de recherche, de publication et de
promotion; préparer les rapports d’exposition finaux et gérer tous les dossiers d’exposition; superviser les stagiaires étudiants travaillant comme
préposés à l’accueil.
• Organiser et superviser les inaugurations à la Galerie; aider à la planification des événements spéciaux et des lancements de livres.
• Mener des recherches pour les futures expositions et publications de la Galerie, y compris dans des bibliographies, des archives et des bases de
données papier et numériques; compiler des bibliographies, des chronologies et des rapports de données; rechercher les possibilités de subvention
de programmation; fournir et préparer les documents pour les demandes de subvention; aider à la rédaction des demandes de subvention.
• Assurer la liaison avec les graphistes, les imprimeurs et les auteurs pour le programme de publication de la Galerie; rechercher et obtenir les droits
de reproduction; réviser et relire les textes, ou superviser ces tâches.
• Aider à préparer les propositions d’exposition et à examiner les demandes à cet effet; préparer les rapports finaux à l’intention des organismes
subventionnaires; préparer l’organisation des expositions itinérantes; gérer les expositions itinérantes de la Galerie.
• S’acquitter des autres tâches assignées par la directrice.
 Baccalauréat en histoire de l’art, en études muséales ou dans un domaine connexe; une ou deux années d’expérience en gestion curatoriale.
 Connaissance de l’art contemporain et intérêt marqué pour ce domaine.
 Connaissance avancée de Microsoft Word (créer des documents et des rapports) et connaissance de base d’Excel (créer et mettre à jour des feuilles
de calcul).
 Connaissance de Photoshop et d’Illustrator; compétences de base en graphisme et en mise en page.
 Très bonne connaissance de l’anglais parlé et écrit (niveau 5); très bonne connaissance du français parlé (niveau 5) et bonne connaissance du
français écrit (niveau 5) pour communiquer efficacement avec les membres des communautés internes et externes dans les deux langues officielles.
 Excellent sens de l’organisation et des relations interpersonnelles.
 Sens de l’initiative et ingéniosité essentiels; aptitude à travailler selon un horaire irrégulier et sous pression, et à respecter des délais serrés.
Veuillez envoyer votre curriculum vitæ ainsi qu’une lettre d’accompagnement par la poste AU PLUS TARD LE 5 JUILLET 2013 à
l’attention de (aucune candidature ne sera accepté par voie électronique) :
Michèle Thériault
Galerie Leonard-et-Bina Ellen
Université Concordia
1455 boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest –LB 165
Montréal (Québec) H3G 1M8
IMPORTANT : Seuls les candidats retenus pour une entrevue seront contactés.
Si votre candidature est retenue, vos habiletés langagières et informatiques seront évaluées.
L’Université Concordia souscrit au principe de l’équité en matière d’emploi et encourage les candidatures provenant des femmes, des
autochtones, des minorités visibles, des minorités ethniques et des personnes handicapées.
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Opportunity: Collective Summer School

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Friday, May 24. 2013 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

The application date for this opportunity has passed.

Factish Field:
An Art and Anthropology Summer School presented by Collective and LUX
Monday 10 – Friday 14 June 2013

Contributions from artists: Sven Augustijnen, Mark Boulos, Andrea Büttner, Duncan Campbell and Wendelien van Oldenborgh.

And anthropologists: Richard Baxstrom, Rupert Cox, Tim Ingold, Angela McClanahan (Summer School leader) and Amanda Ravetz.

Prices - £175/£125 (concession card holder, students, unemployed).

Collective and LUX have collaborated to develop a week long Summer School which considers current discourses around art and anthropology.

Consisting of a series of in-conversation events, talks, workshop sessions, fieldwork, artists’ presentations and film screenings, the Summer School is a unique opportunity to be part of a small, dynamic group with unparalleled access to leading artists and thinkers in these fields.

Factish Field takes as its starting point the French anthropologist Bruno Latour’s concept of the ‘factish’, a combination of fact and fetish as a way of thinking about the relationship between facts and beliefs. Latour argues that there are no facts separable from their fabrication and suggests that fetishes, objects invested with mythical powers, are fabricated, and that "facts" are not.

Throughout the week, both artists and anthropologists will be paired for a series of in conversation events, and workshops will subsequently be developed in which the group will consider some of the ‘big’ questions surrounding both anthropological and art practice, and where they intersect. Topics include:
Context – where does it play out? In the field, studio, gallery, academia?
Fieldwork – how can artists and anthropologists share research methodologies?
Making – where are the links between theory and practice?
Public – who is the audience? And how is it distributed?
Ethics – who makes the rules and how are they imposed or regulated? Is it important that they are?

Free Screening Programme
The Summer School will be complemented by an evening screening programme of work by or selected by contributing artists which will be free and open to the public. For more information and to book click here.

The Summer School is organised to coincide with The 13th RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film which takes place in Edinburgh from the 13th - 16th June (NB Summer School participants will be able to get a RAI Film Festival pass at the member rate of £60).

The Summer School will take place from Monday 10th – Friday 14th June at Collective, 22-28 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1NY

Book now via eventbrite.
Prices - £175/£125 (concession card holder, students, unemployed).

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Opportunity: CIMAM Travel Grant Program

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Thursday, May 23. 2013 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

The application date for this opportunity has passed.

CIMAM Travel Grant Program
Open call to professionals residing in Latin America to apply to Travel Grants funded by Fundación Cisneros/Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros and to professionals residing in Emerging Market and Developing Economies to apply to Travel Fellowships supported by a grant provided by the Getty Foundation to attend CIMAM’s 2013 Annual Conference, New Dynamics in Museums: Curator, Artwork, Public, Governance that will be held in Rio de Janeiro, 12–14 August 2013.

Deadline to submit applications – 10 June 2013 00:00 GMT

Further information on eligibility, purpose of the grant and regarding CIMAM’s 2013 Annual Conference program visit
→ Apply here
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Opportunity: École du MAGASIN

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Sunday, April 7. 2013 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities

The application date for this opportunity has passed.

Founded in 1987, the École du MAGASIN is the first curatorial training program in Europe. It was set up to provide a professional environment for a rigorous combination of research and practice. Since its inception, emphasis has been placed on the exhibition as an open platform in which different fields or strategies of representation can be drawn upon. The program has two objectives: Firstly, to complete the academic training of the participants by presenting them with theoretical and practical knowledge, and by introducing them to other cultures. Secondly, lead the participants into the professional world through direct contact with its actors.

Each session is formed by five to ten international participants who conceive and produce a collective curatorial project developed with the perspective of fulfilling its realization in a professional art venue, taking into consideration the mastering of the exhibition process and its artistic tools – both technical and conceptual. It lasts nine months, from October to June, and is divided into two stages: from the establishment of a framework and a collective working method, to the production of the final curatorial project. Both stages require their specific form of advisory and pedagogical frameworks that the École manages in relation with the project advisor, guest lecturers and field visits.

Working in a collective environment is an essential and specific dimension of the training offered by the École. Participants are invited to establish a framework of shared interests and a collective working method. This allows them to affirm a unique identity and to define specific issues that are raised during the program as a whole. Participants are encouraged to emancipate themselves from the reassuring norms in which they were taught, to experiment on a daily basis with their personal resources and to form a working team.

The program is open to candidates who have obtained the equivalent of a master’s degree or who attest to relevant professional experience. Admission to the École du MAGASIN is approved in two stages:
1. A pre-selection based on an application, which includes:
- a current resume
- a cover letter
- copies of diplomas and/or proofs of employment
- 3 letters of recommendation (from teachers or professionals in the field of art)
- a project proposal of no more than five A4 pages, which includes a curatorial statement, a presentation of the location of the project as well as the participating artists, and a realistic budget (please note that the proposal is for admission purposes only and is not intended for consideration during the session).
2- An interview with a jury in Grenoble. Pre-selected candidates will be informed by letter of the date of the interview (scheduled in June). Interviews via Internet can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Applications, along with a fee of 65 euros, must be sent no later than 30 April 2013 to:
École du MAGASIN
Site Bouchayer-Viallet
155 cours Berriat
38000 Grenoble

Download the application form:
The École du MAGASIN is an independent training program. Course completion does not grant university credit or a diploma.
Session expenses are covered by the École. Participants are not required to pay tuition fees, but must assure their own living expenses.
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