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Pick 'N Mix #48

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Friday, December 2. 2011 • Category: Pick 'N Mix

- Fellowship update! We are on the cusp of announcing who will be the first Fellow. Watch this space! There are only a few days left in the online fundraising campaign. If you appreciate this resource, and have not already donated, please do so by clicking "Fuel this Project" here.

- The latest issue of On Curating is out, and it deals with the issues of public art and public space. Download it free. Also, make a note of the fact that Dorothee Richter, director of the curatorial programmes at ZHDK that create the On Curating journal, has started a practice-based curating PhD in collaboration with the University of Reading.

- Hans Ulrich Obrist: "The notion of curating is now used beyond the art world", explains Obrist. "Blogs are being curated, websites, conferences, concept stores, all sorts of things. We live in a digital age characterized by an exponential growth in information. The way we navigate through this huge amount of information and transform it into knowledge is a curatorial issue." (Long-time readers will know that I don't entirely agree with this viewpoint.)

- Marina Abramovic curates for the first time (first time online, anyway).

- Paco Barragán, in a piece that I can hardly believe I have not linked to yet -- PUSH TO FLUSH / The Curator's Paradox says: "...the curator has become an abstract, dubious, un-ideological character, but at the same time wanted and sought-after, like David Guetta. I guess it’s the spirit of our 'curated' times!"

- Following on the "Push to Flush" sentiment: Career Suicide is a very funny blog (by a very good and very funny artist, Alistair Gentry). He recently grabbed my attention with a post entitled "The Deadly Curator". That's all that I'll give away, you have to click to get the rest.

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