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Job - Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Blanton Museum of Art

Posted by April Steele • Wednesday, October 12. 2011 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities
Application Instructions:

All applicants must sign up for a UT EID to apply (University of Texas Electronic Identification)

All applicants must apply through The University of Texas Human Resources Department


The curator is responsible for overseeing the Blanton Museum of Art’s collection of modern and contemporary art, including paintings, sculpture, installation, photo- and media-based works, and prints and drawings. The position will organize exhibitions and programs in the area of her or his expertise as well as work collaboratively with the curator of Latin American art, the curator of prints and drawings, and outside curators and scholars to assist in the organization of exhibitions and programs outside of her or his expertise. The curator will oversee the building of the collection of modern and contemporary art. Essential to the position is the ability to work with colleagues both internally and externally to develop projects that meaningfully contribute to the overall mission of the museum.

Essential functions:

1) Collection. Responsible for developing and implementing a cohesive vision and strategy for The Blanton’s collection of modern and contemporary art, which includes 7,000 works of art, to benefit both the university community and the general public. Build the collection by making recommendations for acquisitions of modern and contemporary works of art and participate in the development of a museum-wide collection strategy.

2) Engaging artists. Help to define and manage a program that involves active engagement with artists such as through residencies or commissions and that builds excitement and support from the community for contemporary art. Work with a team to develop a more creative and engaging environment for the museum’s public spaces through site-specific installations, commissions, and acquisitions.

3) Exhibitions. Organize exhibitions of modern and contemporary art using works of art from the Blanton collection as well as loaned objects and new commissions. Work with colleagues in the field and at the museum to schedule exhibition tours, to secure loaned exhibitions, and to develop co-produced exhibition projects as well as an overarching exhibition program for the museum.

4) Education. Assist in the development and production of interpretive strategies and materials as they relate to exhibition projects. Collaborate with the director of education and academic affairs and other museum staff in the creation of program content and participate in program activities as related to the modern and contemporary art collection. With manager of docent and university programs, train docents and gallery assistants in specific content areas and museum practices.

5) Outreach within the university. Encourage and facilitate use of Blanton resources in teaching among university faculty and staff across campus.

6) Research. Conduct or oversee original research, and interpret The Blanton’s modern and contemporary art collection. Supervise and assist with projects for guest curators, visiting scholars, university student researchers, and curatorial interns.

7) Publication. Draft appropriate texts for museum publication in various formats. Contribute to publications outside the museum as pertinent to The Blanton collection.

Fundraising. Work with museum staff to develop fundraising strategies for the modern and contemporary art collection and actively participate in the solicitation process including cultivating donors and collectors.

9) Conservation. Develop and implement preservation and conservation strategies of the highest professional standards for The Blanton collection of modern and contemporary art, in particular the paintings, sculpture, installation, photo- and media-based works.

10) Budgets and administration. Perform administrative duties related to the functions of the position, including the management of budgets for exhibitions and programs. Supervise interns.

Job Requirements

1) Masters Degree in Art History required; PhD or equivalent combination of relevant education and experience preferred.

2) In-depth knowledge of American and international modern and contemporary art.

3) Passionate advocacy of artists.

4) Excellent working relationships with colleagues in the field, including collectors, gallerists, critics, and scholars.

5) At least seven years museum experience with a substantial record of publications, public presentations, and service to the field, and active and visible participation in the national or international art community.

6) Proven history of excellent scholarship, as well as writing, communication, interpersonal, and management skills.

7) Proven ability to manage budgets, identify and cultivate donors.

Collaborative, collegial, creative, and resourceful in work.

9) Demonstrated integrity in all professional matters.

10) Enjoys working with students, docents, volunteers, and general audience.

11) Equivalent combination of relevant education and experience may be substituted as appropriate.
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