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Reviews: Ideas podcast

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Tuesday, February 6. 2007 • Category: Reviews & Resources
[In these upcoming reviews, I'll be highlighting books, podcasts, exhibitions, periodicals, and other items that I think are of particular interest to curators and those concerned with curatorial issues.]

Ideas is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's premier radio programme of contemporary thought. Their podcast highlights the best of the Ideas programmes. You can subscribe to the RSS feed for their podcast here. Their latest podcast release is a fascinating lecture by cultural critic Adam Gopnik entitled: To Sit or to Talk?.

Adam Gopnik discusses the future of museums by pondering a question that he recently asked his kids: Do you prefer theatres, where you can sit? Or museums, where you can talk? Gopnik was delivering the 2006 Eva Holtby Lecture at the Royal Ontario Museum.

His lecture discusses the evolution of musuems, from (as he puts it, in his very alliterative way) the mausoleum, to the machine, to the metaphor/mall. The lecture is an easy listen, and the evolution he speaks of is well delineated. My only contention with what he says is that it is all a little too neat, too pat. He is keen to isolate the museum into these stages of development, but it is clear that all three stages he speaks of still exist and share the same environment within which to survive. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on his lecture.
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  1. Howdy!

    Thanks Tons!
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  2. I love Ideas, and have become a heavy listener to Ideas podcasts over the last few months.

    When I was in Toronto a couple of weeks ago (InterAccess show) I got interviewed by Nora Young who is doing a 3-segment show for Ideas this fall. (The topic of the program is robots.)

    I initially just thought she was doing some "Arts Today" etc. segment, but was thrilled/shocked when she said it was for Ideas.

    My plan to conquer Canada: Ideas first, then a Governer General Award, then move into Rideau Hall and reign supreme as His Excellency. (Did you know that each Governor General gets their own official personal coat of arms? How cool is that??)
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