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qui-que about "Agile and open" - DiY Curating
Sat, 18.11.2006 00:55
a game of intervention. http://bite-sizedfabrika.blogs

tom about Curated by "Anonymous"
Sat, 11.11.2006 16:35
dear tom moody, see the catalog to the exhibition, page 19. in an interview, the anonymous curator cites this Triple Candie exhibition as being one of the many predecesors of this anonymous show. [...]

Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney about Every curator's nightmare?
Tue, 03.10.2006 15:33
Read your article. Very interesting and exceptional analysis. You enquired to know how I handle this problem, the answer is simple and what I immediately commenced in preparation for on the closure [...]

Zeke\'s Gallery about Welcome Mat
Mon, 11.09.2006 21:27
Howdy! Heard you missed me. Well, I\'m back. Michelle Kasprzak, one of the preminent Art Bloggers in the world (sounds cool, eh?) has started another blog, this one is called and [...]