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Job: City Without Walls

Posted by Michelle Kasprzak • Tuesday, September 12. 2006 • Category: Jobs & Opportunities
City Without Walls, (cWOW), New Jersey's oldest alternative art space, is seeking a curator for its third annual 1800Frames exhibit, which features recently produced, independent, non-commercial one-minute videos.

SCHEDULE. Show dates for 1800 Frames are December 7, 2006 - January 11, 2007. Curator selection and a call for work will be posted by mid-September. The curator's final selection of approximately 40 works and completion of a brief catalogue essay are due by late October.

CURATORIAL PROCESS. The curator is free to select any artist of their choosing. The curator is not required to select cWOW members, and selected artists are not required to become members. However, curators must review all member entries, and are encouraged to ask artists to join. This process ensures high-quality, independent selection, while also building our membership base, which provides crucial support for programming such as the 1800Frames exhibition.

EXHIBITION DETAILS. cWOW's gallery in downtown Newark is a state-of-the-art facility with over 1,600 square feet of exhibition space, including a main gallery, a project room, 9-foot screen, several flat-screen TVs, and other video projection equipment. Videos may also be made accessible through our website ( and will be available as a tax-deductible premium compilation disc to support cWOW.

CONTACT. William Ortega, Gallery Director, City Without Walls, 6 Crawford
Street, Newark, NJ 07102-2412, tel 973.622.1188, fax 973.622.2941, [email protected],
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